Mvc2: flying screen


i dunno bout you guys, but when im in training mode and sometimes playin other people, im using magneto and i do a launch, sj.rh, dash df,,, infinite, but at the sj.rh, it just knocks the other character down as if i did a 1,2,3,4…you guys kno?


You’re doing a multiple hit jump in for your attack.


i also have a question about flying screen.

most likely i’m thinking it’s random, but how does an opponent get hit while he’s blocking when Magneto does shock wave on assist and sometimes it also hits the opponent? how does that work? anyone here knows?


its a glitch, if your assist gets hit before the shock wave hits you, the shock wave hits you ending up you and you assist getting hit, for example, you call out psy and dash back, opp does shockwave, it first hits your assist and your sitting down blocking, when it reaches you, you get hit. the best thing to do is just jump out of it before it hits you so you cant block


i’ve noticed that too when i tried one of the im infinite setups off a triangle jump. if u start a combo from a superjump and then land continue the combo and launch them, flying screen will activate on your next sj.fierce/rh because you’ve already used a sj.attack in that combo.


no, what geekboy said was correct. no multiple hitting jumpins or else your sj.fierce/rh will cause flying screen. nothing to do with sjing.


what do you mean multiple hit jump? like, for me, in training mode for example, there is nothing on the screen as in no combo counts, everything is at zero, lets juts say i switch mag in the game and let the opp fall and stand back up, when i go for a, c.hp, sj.rh, flying screen activates at only 3 hits when it shouldnt, it happens to me sometimes during games


tag ins have different properties. i wouldn’t know how to explain that. most of the time it’s just safer not to go for fierce hits after a tag in, but sometimes fly screen wouldn’t activate.

example when i tag in storm, i usually go doe s.rh, sj.rh dash fwd lk, mp, lightning attack xxx lightning storm. sometimes the sj rh activates flying screen, sometimes it doesn’t…


If you jump in with multiple attacks, flying screen will be activated upon the next fierce attack in the air.

For example, with Mag:

tri-jump in hk, land, c. lk, c. hp, sj. hk, air dash down to forward, lk, lk

That will combo because only one attack was done in air prior to the fierce attack(sj. hk).


tri-jump in lk, lk, land, c. lk, c. hp, sj. hk

Flying screen will be activated after the sj. hk because a multi-hitting jump in was performed(lk, lk).


I dunno what is happening with you, but it shouldnt be happening. If you start a combo with, c.hp,, a/d df lk lk it should connect. You might not be air-dashing so it might look like flying screen. If it does cause flying screen, you will hear a sound that only occurs during flying screen.