MVC2 for 360/PS3: What are your thoughts

I know it came out pretty recently and I wondered what are your thoughts on the game so far? Problems? Praises? I know most people have played it, but hopefully the port is all the same stuff we remember and the game hasn’t been desecrated. I personally question the online play and it’s quality. What are your thoughts?

  1. There’s a thread already about MvC2…and you missed it?
  2. There’s a Marvel vs Capcom 2 subforum…and you missed that too?


Are you from the future?

Sorry, I’m new. I had looked at the MVC2 threads and thought it was for strategy. What I meant was if the port was a good port. Just checking to see if it was still the game people know. I also wanted to know how online play was with it. Sorry Geese.

No, I am not.

Game isn’t out for a couple of more hours from now so we wont know till then.

he must be from the future if he already knows what animal we evolve into.

Just thought I’d post a thread while I was up. I was bored and couldn’t sleep.