MvC2 for Evo on PS2? Can it happen?

This may be more of a topic for Evo 2010 or 2012, IDK. Either way, and hypothetically, let’s say the Evo staff gets tired of buying new Dreamcasts every year, but still want to keep the MvC2 community alive at the event, would the MvC2 community rather play on PS2 or have no MvC2 at all at Evo?

IMO some Marvel is better than no Marvel. Maybe DC MvC2 is a sure bet for 2k9, but every year DCs are more of a pain in the ass, so I guess the PS2 change isn’t something that the organizers never considered as an option.

dc or arcade is the only option. anything else is unacceptable.


DCs are easier to find than ps2 marvel.

and cheaper.

and no

yeah, that’s a dumb idea. scour the planet for ps2 mvc2s that cost 90 bucks each

Oh shit! Thas a good one…lol

Why dont we just hold cvs2 on Xbox live while we at it!

Marvel for PS2 is a completely different game and it’s not just the price that’s insane for it, the game is very difficult to find.

New Dreamcasts are still being made and Marvel for PS2 costs more than two times as much as the Dreamcast itself. I forgot the official site that sells new Dreamcasts though.

Guys still clutching onto that hope that Marvel will be there in the next two years.

Nah dude, they already said they were using the Gamecube version.

Ok. You all know Mr Wizard and yu he’s not famous for been very open to community input. If he hypothetically posts tomorrow that Evo ISN’T a DC tournament anymore, just like it isn’t an arcade tournament anymore, or how it chose to use items in Smash, the MvC2 community would rather not have MvC2 at all. Is that correct?

Remember that what the commnity likes isn’t necessarly what’s best for Evo, and they made that clear by going to consoles and allowing items for SSBB. I do agree with both decisions, but most people didn’t at the time.

I’m just asking. Yes. There is a difficulty in finding MvC2 for the PS2. True. But there will never be a shotage of PS2s (they’re already there for other games, side tourneys and what not), and instead of carrying dozens of extra DCs (many will be lost during Evo) they can just press open on the PS2 and change the game. It would save time, money and work. It would also make for a much worse version of the game.

Most people see MvC2 as a given every year, and I do too. But, if there’s a reason to get rid of the game, I believe the Evo staff has made it clear that the reason are DCs. The price reasoning some of you menioned are legit, but I don’t thibk the logistics of extra luggage, extra work, frying systems, and blue screens on official DVDs make the Evo staff very happy. One day, full of new games, they may decide that DCs are too much of a pain in the ass to have at Evo.

I’m not asking about a choice of which MvC2 version is better or more fun, which is obvious. I’m asking what would be your choice if the choice is Yes Marvel (crappy PS2 version) or No Marvel (stay home and wait for Season’s Beatings). That’s pretty much it.

If Mr.Wizard were to hypothetically decide to run PS2 Marvel…the majority of the Marvel community would boycott it and call Mr.Wizard a complete freak and the reason MVC2 died. It just wouldn’t happen even if Mr.Wiz forced the issue. Marvel players aren’t stupid and they know the PS2 version ruins their game. I mean hell, Alpha 3 and ST players are already picky enough and some of the console versions of those games aren’t as bad as the slowdown ridden PS2 MVC2 port.

Basically like you said…the Marvel community would decide to stick to regional majors like NEC and Seasons’s Beatings and just not to go Evo or play other games at Evo. Simple as that. Anyone that actually decides to participate in a PS2 Marvel event likes the convenience of a PS2 pad.

Dreamcasts are still not crazy hard to find and can be found at decent prices if you look around. The Marvel community simply won’t settle for anything less. Especially when the Dreamcast port of MVC2 is by far one of the best arcade to console ports of any fighting game out there. It’s not worth giving up for a crappy PS2 port that only anime con going Marvel fans would participate in.

When it comes down to it though…90 percent of old Evo games will be removed next year so it’s iffy if Marvel will even be at Evo next year. Mr.Wiz is looking to make Evo look fresh for next year and 10 year old games aren’t going to cut it anymore if Evo wants to really get noticed by sponsors. If anything Mr.Wiz and the rest of Evo staff sees no Marvel as better than Marvel being there. Other than the great hype the game brings…it is a 10 year old game and Dreamcasts MVC2 is a bit tricky to set up with converters and people still using original MAS sticks that are terrible with converters. That’s still better than a PS2 port that is nowhere close to the arcade version as far as playability.

The new games will bring in new players and give new life to Evo. Marvel is another ancient game that newer players are reluctant to get into because of the crazy learning curve and Wolverine and Spiderman are useless at high level. It’s more a matter of will Marvel be at Evo at all than asking for what ohter possible ways Marvel can be there. Mr.Wiz will put forth the effort to make sure Dreamcasts are ready and available for Evo if it’s the year 2015. If it comes down to the point where for some blasphemous reason PS2 is the only viable option…Marvel is gone from Evo. Then you could run PS2 Marvel side tourneys. New games >>>> old games at Evo.

I was thinking that. :rofl:

If its not at evo…it will be in every other major.

Yeah, the Mvc2 scene isnt dying out. The majority of people that really play the game arent quitting anytime soon.

Evo is already questionable for some games. All of those games still get widespread tournament play on the most viable platform.

ummm, no :rolleyes:

Ok you are seriously fucking stupid. If he wasnt open to community input there would be no evo. The rest of your post isn’t worth reading, they never are.

Dreamcasts are not still being made. They are being sold by Sega-Parts because they have backstock. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Sorry if this is a stupid question but what happens to all the DCs they buy for Evo. Also why do they have to be new, I figured working well would be good enough.

Marvel is never going to be on ps2 or xbox for evo. i dont know why this is hard for anyone to understand.

So true