MvC2 Forum Rules updated 10-22-09

The Rules:

  1. No Spamming, Trolling, or Flamebaiting.

  2. Please report to the newbie thread if you feel you have a “beginner” question. Read it, and if it’s not answered there then feel free to ask it. If no one answers your question by day 2, feel free to PM your question to me personally by day 3.

  3. Don’t post something completely unrelated to MvC2 in this forum.

  4. Don’t try to sell anything here (e.g “Buy a new sidekick 3 for fitty cent!”) I swear to god if you advertise any kind of thing for sale in here I will ban your ass in a heart beat. Seriously, don’t do it. See this fist? Upside your head bitch.

  5. If you make a combo video DO NOT POST THE SAME VIDEO IN MULTIPLE SUB-FORUMS. The maximum amunt of times you are allowed to post it in the MvC2 forums is two times: 1 in general strategy and 1 in a character-specific forum. If I see you posting a combo video multiple times beyond this I may very well ban you so DON’T DO IT.

  6. You have to trust Higher-Jin.

So now that we have a understanding, enjoy the forum, and if you have any problems or suggestions feel free to PM me.

Updated, I will allow MvC2 videos to be posted here. =)

Except joos dvd