MvC2/GGAC & Super Smash Bros Brawl-New Orleans , La- Sunday May 25, 2008

Ok Houston/Florida people you wanted it well here it goes…I will be throwing another tournament on Sunday May 25, 2008. This time anything…

I also decided to add an additional $100.00 out of my own money for 1st place for MvC2…:slight_smile:

Will anyone stop the undefeted Magneto_X…? He says its gonna be free…hummm…will just see about that.

Will mixup get his revenage on Toan…?

Will Vegita-x not hit the analoge button this time???

Will Duane actually play like he does in casual?

I Dont know the answer to these questions but we can only wait to find out the answer…

So here we go

Location: Dibbz
6850 Veterans Memorial blvd
Metairie, La 70003

For any question please contact myself (Patrick) at 504-655-2963

Super Smash Bros Brothers

Myself will be running MvC2 & GGAC
Chris (Magneto_X) will be running Smash Brother

Smash Brother will begin first @ 1pm
MvC2 will follow @ 2pm
GGAC will start @ 3pm

Please everyone that will sign up for Smash Brothers be on time because that game take just as long as CvS2…

Super Smash Brother will ran on two big screen tv’s see photo

Entry Fee for all games:

Prizes for all games:
1st place= 65%
2nd place= 20%
3rd place= 10%

For more info regarding location please see link:

Hope to see everyone there…:wgrin:

Marvel is life…

Damn! I won’t be able to attend this due to my move…sucks, but c’est la vie.
Kick some ass, New Orleans!


pats putting in a 100$ extra in marvel?

I’ll run msp this tournament. Fuck strider!

ill def be there. ill enter the smash tourney but ill bring my stick to get some casual mvc2 matches. i need some tutoring. I have no idea how to sjc with mags

Course I’ll be coming out.

What no strider? Man what happened?

the same reason you don’t play rogue. That shit is crap! :rofl:

whats the point of picking strider when I activate 20 times in a row only to fuck up with a grab super on the 21st time? is all that work really worth it? why not use my pin strategies that I have with strider, transfer them to magnus and actually do something with my pins like I don’t know, WIN THE GAME :rofl:

yea everyone plays MSP now but its not my fault that marvel has a team that can’t be stopped.

True…Storm/Sent/Cap is a thing of the past…

Say and try and get some of the other florida crew to show up as well if you can… also get at me and let me know when u guys are going to show up… You already know you, mike and jamal have a place to stay…Holla

I’ll do what I can homie.

pkola is technically alabama. I live like 10 mins away from the state line so a trip like this is further for most of FL.

I doubt I can get alex garvin\justin zhou to show up since they live in the orlando area. that will be a 10 hr trip for them but I will talk to tally and jax and see if players from those areas are willing to come out. What up with the housing for my boys though? I can try to talk them into coming out but pkola, tally, jax will be hella people in one apt. Not trying to cram ya up homie.

Sad to say but there might not be enough room for all the Smash scrubs lol.

This is ridiculous.No 3s?fuck that shit.

So…this time i’ll make my matches different.

haha i think 3s should replace smash. but what does it matter, i wont make it.

sorry guys its my bday weekend, good luck to the players and good shit to the placers.

i vote to replace with GG with 3s or even cvs2.

Weeeeeeee :slight_smile:

msp is so scrubby ;( training mode team =(. I’ll be there. :slight_smile:

3s or GGAC?

So how many people thinks that 3s should replace GGAC?


i guess 3s is pretty weak in LA

keep it the way it is.

I know at least 5 people who’d enter.Then random scrubs.This is crazy.3S please.I’ve showed up at every LA tourney for 3S then shit happens.We have to do it at least once.And How does smash get in there?I don’t get it.I guess if it will pay the bills.I even went to Dallas to play and no one showed up!What the fuck does someone have to do to get some GGs offline in 3S?I’m going to H-town this weekend, I guess I’ll hope for comp there.