Mvc2,GGXX etc results


George posting on dereks comp

Mvc2 results:

1st:George"Juicy G"Fed:Mag/sent/capcom,Mag/Cable/Sent-A
2nd:Ari"I’ll never pick team scrub"weintraub:Team scrub,msp
3rd:Hugo"How in the fuck did i get 3rd?!":Mag/cable/psy
4th: Douglas ward:Team scrub
5thMike “geronimo”:Mag/cable/Im
5th: Dereklearnslow:Storm/sent/cyke

A blah tourney,Ari beats derek 2-1.George beats ari 3-1 in winners final.Ari beats Hugo(who shot to 3rd)3-0 in loser final.Then george beats ari 4-2 in final.

Cvs2 results

tied for 1st:Juicy G and floe
3rd:Jose"trance adict"

I hate this game.

GGXX results

1st:BOZAC!!! :Faust
4th:eric"bob washington"Collazo:Faust,Potemkin
5th:Jim"Cracka J"lapointe:Potemkin
5th:Juicy G:Sol

Bozac wins again,can anyone beat Faust???

3s results

1st:Juicy G:ken
2nd:Tony"Johnny Cakes"defily:necro,Ken,oro
3rd: Domingo"Nigga D"Ayala:Urien
4th:Floe:Chun li

all i have to say is…IT’S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!George beats tony 4-3 in the final.

All I have to say is the Chicago scene is shit because of assholes who are too lazy to take time to support. Even then we still have a good amount of dedicated players but what ever happened to the 20+ players we use to get? I guess people lose and stop playing because they are just pathetic pieces of loser shits.

Thanks to those who came out :D. This is my last tourney for a while at least. I think I just have to let people bitch about having tourneys for a while.


D, I don’t blame you, chicago scene is crooked with ppl jacking the prize money. WTF IS THAT??? IF I FIND OUT WHO DID THAT, THEY’RE DEAD. YA HEAR, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS ARE DEAD.

Great matches guys. Ari, you had me worried for a while there, it was a tough win, you really made me earn it. Domingo, is this stuff going to be APEXed?

It was fun. Got way too anxious and lost it in the semis, but I have only myself to blame for that. But I get no respect. Didn’t even put my last name or who I used in the tourney (GGXX). Oh well, that’s what I get for being too anonymous, so I’m used to it. Good games everyone.

sorry man, I think all they were going by was what I wrote down on the brackets, which is all they had left after the tourney was over. just give us your last name…everyone shoulda known you played slayer also.

thanks to everyone that made it out also. if we do find out who that money went to, like marc said, you will not end up pretty. that is all.

Congrats to those who placed.

I’ve still got school down here in Champaign, but I’ll try to make it down for future events. Hope to see you all again soon.

Ari and I need to re-train in xx. =P

Last name is Au, but it’s really no big deal. Just still a bit shaken up from getting too nervous earlier and wasn’t thinking straight, I know he didn’t mean anything by it. Having an anxiety disorder sucks.

Not a bad tourney, all considered…but D is right, we really do need more players. Shit, 8 players for MvC2 is jus’ wrong. We didn’t even break the double digit mark, all other games except MvC2 did. Go fig :bluu:…

Now, let’s see. It’s time for random highlights:

  • I played 5th in both MvC2 and CvS2 (well, at least I think I placed 5th in CvS2 :sweat: ). I had to get George (in MvC2) 1st round :rolleyes:. But whatever, I guess someone has to do it.
  • I lost to Douglas in MvC2, 2-1, which eliminated me. Oh well, he’s mine next time…! But then beat him in CvS2, 2-0, which eliminated him.
  • :wtf: Cable w/ Psylocke AAA is supposed to suck, but Hugo was fuckin’ hittin’ everyone w/ that shit. Psyocke’s a dirty, dirty whore…!
  • I suck at GGXX, Scott’s Johnny and Aric’s Slawyer owned me FOR FREE!
  • I can’t fight P-Groove…
  • Marc was owning shit up before he left. Too bad he didn’t stick around for the tourney. Cross-up DP’s = TOO POWERFUL!
  • I’ve never laughed so hard in my life until I heard you guys talkin’. TOO GOOD!

Well, I think that’s it for now. I’ll probably remember more later.

  • Geronimo

P.S. Good job/congratulations to all top finishers. In particular, George and Ari for placing top 3 in every game between them.
P.P.S. I’m w/ Marc and Jim, whoever ganked the money has a fuckin’ death wish. It’s ain’t gonna be pretty if we ever find out who did it…

*I shall beat Faust next time, mwa ha ha.

Congrats to mah boys Mike Keanu Travolta Bozac and Aric Au(j00 bettah recognize him too, his Slayer kicks my ass all the time, while wearing shades! :lol: ), and to the rest of the Nickel City crew. I still wish I was there, but oh well, maybe next time…

But it seems like there’s some trouble, so does that mean there will be no tourneys for a while? :frowning: *

both people not showing and people taking tourney money = nobody wanting to throw tourneys

but we’re trying to put together something big for july, so we’ll keep ya posted when we get more details put together

good games to all.yeah whoever took the money is gonna be on a 3-6 mafia song

Yeah. Good tourney, was it not. Nonetheless, the thief surely has a price on his head. Hell, if I was on watch while he tried to take the loot, the next scene you would have witnessed is an unknown assailant flying backwards over herds of toddlers through the front door while Amar looks in awe, saying, “OHH [expletive deleted]!!!” He will surely miss solid food for a day or 2.

Anyway thanks for the good tourney, D. I need to be on my toes more when I enter those things.

I am wasted :wasted: and need sleep now. Later. :cool: .

:wtf: :wtf:

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