MVC2 Glitch List

Put all glitches here. I don’t belive a thread like this exists, and I feel like screwing around with Marvel. Not every glitch in the game is there but the glitches are sorted by what characters are needed and most have clips.

Wow… that’s an awesome site, thanks for the link :slight_smile:

Just off the top of my head, here’s some other glitches:

That site doesn’t have the obvious glitches that everyone knows about and are used in everyday gameplay. eg: unfly mode, Sentinel’s unblockable, and Dr Doom’s unblockable.

They don’t have glitches that nobody knows how to duplicate, like Morrigan’s flyaway/ block during airdash glitch (also applies to similar glitches with IM and WM), Ryu’s multiple ground fireball glitch, or Zangief’s randomly unblockable THC.

They also left Morrigan out of the “send assist without flymode” glitch list. She can take advantage of this glitch, though it’s harder for her than it is for the other characters on the list (because she can’t cancel her D+HK with an airdash), and it requires unfly mode to use it in combos.

There’s a couple tricks they left out that might qualify as glitches… although they probably have more to do with taking advantage of the game’s engine in ways the developers didn’t anticipate… such tricks include Dhalsim’s unblockable DHC trick, or the unblockable assist during super flash trick a few characters can use.

That’s all I can come up with right now…

Right, I don’t care what glitches, I just want SRK.COM to have a one stop thread if someone saw a glitch and wanted to try it. So list what it does and then how to do it! I think this thread could be very cool.

Bison and Captain American(a)glitch that i found, imo--------call captain america then do a psycho crusher right when captain america throws the shield and you’ll see the shield will be the only moving thing that won’t even hit the opponent.

j99- I dont have those glitches on my site beause you cant really prove them in a clip besides the unfly mode one. Same thing with those other glitches that you listed though I didnt know Morrigan had that glitch. I know you made the threads about the unblockable AA’s when you dhc. I should chat with you on AIM sometime.

uppercut- that is on my site and you dont need Bison it could be any character. All you have to do is a snap back. .

ParryPerson- Seriously though unless the glitch is new why even post it if it is listed on a site with a description of how to do it and maybe even a clip. Most glitches people will talk about is what they experienced during matches.

Oh and a video that is coming out soon. Hopefully this year, that I am helping out with will have tons of new glitches. Look forward to it.

I don’t know if you read.

I said I would like for SRK.COM to have a one stop thread for a list of glitches. Some people might just be getting into MVC2 (Yes, it stil happens) and might have 56k. I don’t see how it’s such a silly thing to ask unless you’re just fishing for more website hits.

I’m all for the site man, but a SRK.COM list of glitches and how to do them is what I was after, I was well aware of your site.

Guess I’ll delete this thread and make the list myself.

I’ve got 56k, and all these terms scare the crap outta me.