MVC2 Good games thread

thread name says it all

GG’s last night to charlie goblyn and goji 84

gg to everyone i played.

gloc 9 here. add it up no beef just fun casuals! =)

yo if ur II gloc9 this is nomyNOM, solid stuff, i dont remember who u played, cause i think online is about all santhrax and msp, but yeh gg, hit me up later if u want some casuals…

add me maan

yeah i played u twice nomynom gg games. player match sometime. =)

GGs to I think his name is StoicMayya0995. I was playing a friend’s account and you beast ALL of us. it was KaLb1 if you’re wondering. Hope you are on here.

gg to dezmu and nomynom =]

ggs to nomyNOM in our ranked matches today. and GG’s to everyone else I played today. Damn I forgot how chaotic this game can be lol

GG’s to many peeps I played today, and jeez why there;s no blind pick for mahvel D:

and no switch glitch online D:

there is

just hold lp hp a1 for the middle character and
lk hk a2 for 3rd charter

i don’t understand the leaderboard system. how could some of these people be top 20 and they have so many losing games. the rating system is confusing. i’m 104-16 and i’m 25? doesn’t make sense. haha ohh well.

lol…good to see SRK repping the top of the marvel charts, but yea the leaderboards are kinda weird…we should get a room goin sometime and jus have some solid casuals

maybe tomorrow. i’m about to pass out. too much marvel for today! ahha
i bet i’m just going to see rush downs in my dreams. but fosho tomorrow.
i’ll invite u, if i see u on. =)

GGs to vidness and djb13

and everyone else toooooooo

Hey namynam its me I ViRiDiaN I gg’s to you, lets play some arranged matches soon.

and anyone that wants to hit me up feel free to. I have a decent MSS…

I’m goint to start recording matches now lol

so bewear…

i wont be in these matches btw

ggs shiro. time for my bedtime

oooo alright. I was wondering why ya dropped.

Man your IM is nasty. i was playing run away with storm for the first bit because i didnt know hwo to handle that shit.,

I’m beyond rusty lol. But gg’s to you charle and goji

Shiro add me man!

nomyNOM you are everywhere I saw you in ranked like 3x today.

odd choice, but nice use of storm/sentinel/tron btw.