MvC2 Good Games



It was refreshing playing someone new. Did you mostly main team row? You missed some openings where i would’ve been double snapped. I think you are doing the overhead short short right but not dashing up after to push the assist closer to the main character.


I’ll put up the vids later. Some of the Sent stuff I noticed is that calling commando and dashing out of being hit range is really good, if you’re good at it. Maybe I was being a bit greedy, but it seems to work better than I thought. Also, he was really pretty good at avoiding magnus.

Lastly, I need to learn why when I am above his Sent and holding up, he could sj. and hit me with sj.wp XX whatever. When he was Sent and above my Sent and I sj’ed, my hit would whiff. I think that I need to wait half a second after sj.'ing to hit a button. Input anyone? Dont know if I’ll be on tonight, but I’ll let you know if I am.

Edit- to clarify just in case my earlier post was confusing- RickJames was good at zoning. He was good at crossing me up with the Commando helper, and good at calling commando and dashing to a distance where I couldn’t hit him from falling from sj’s. I just realized something. Oh shiiiiii. Sometimes I throw out a sj.wk at max distance with Magnus since it hits hella far, and if Sent positions himself correctly, then he’s out of range for any fierces, and therefore can eat the sj.wk and get a launch or commando. Fuuuuuuuuuuu,


Word man. That was fun. I was a bit frustrated at times which makes me play worse, but everyone has lessons to learn yo. I missed quite a few opportunities but it’s all good. Somethin to work on in the future.

Ya I noticed that I missed that I missed double snap a few couple times. I dont understand what was going on. I was dashing up. I got the tri jump short, short overhead on Storm and Commando, then I would dash up, and the cr. short short would only hit commando cause Storm would block it. I’m not sure what’s going on. . . Maybe I need to dash deeper, I just hope that it doesn’t take more time to dash deeper to the point where Storm can block. Maybe I was just a bit too far away. . . I’m not sure. I’ll have to toy with it.

I have been maining Row lately. Kinda stopped playing Mss, Msp, and Scc. I’ve been having a lot of fun with Row. Teach me how to play Commado too yo. I was way too respecting of him when he was in, but you gave me some reason to be.


Anyone gonna be on tomo during the day?
Edit- Any of you derps going to be on in an hour?


GG’s Taiji.

YO ROUNDHOUSE. You’re being paged. This dude from PSN named “heavyjugz” (Josh Bon) said your gimmicks could only work on him for two rounds. He often talks himself up. I don’t really know how good he is, but he’s been lookin for a MM and I called him out. He said he’ll run $50, and I called $20 of it. You wanna earn $30 for a FT10? You have access to PS3 mvc2?


you can mention him @mvc2roundhouse


I got 40$ on rh. Who want it ill even give odds.

Where’s rh been anyways. This thread is mad quiet without him and pistol lol.


Ill MM RH on xbox for $30 dollars! I could afford to lose that with no practice! FT5! And anybody on PS3/360, but only if they come to xbox (I need my xbox pad)! Maybe some new hype can be started! Until Pistol gets backs and lets me light the candles on that ass!


GGs to portmore007. 9W-1L says I have the better Strider/Doom, though.

Also, shoutouts to xEpicHypex. This guy is 0-20+ in lobbies I’ve been in (I’ve literally never seen him win a game), yet based on his yapping on the mic, you’d think he was 3-time Evo champ.


If RH accepts, I can post this in the fb forum, where the ish started.

I wanna see this happen.

I lack the twitter.


GGs last night to Finesse. Ran a long set and went about even over almost 40 games.


Who the fuck is heavyjugz…actually, I don’t give a fuck who he is. I’ll money match that goon. I have access to ALL platforms of mvc2 and i’ll mm him on any platform he chooses to get raped on. I recall that name, but he has NO chance against me. Where is he talking all this nonsense at? Set it up. Confirm a time and platform and i’ll be there with the KY jelly.

3rd world, when you wanna do this? Although I’d rather play you in person…


Lololol. Cool. I told him I’d take $20 of his $50. You want the other $30, or would you like to relegate that to Telly? The nonsense is on the mvc2 fb page. Here’s a recent vid of him, if you care. [media=youtube]lgqARfH0uds[/media]


I played him before. He is hot garbage.

Let me know when or tell him to post here. Whatever. I’ll take that other 30 to give me incentive to play. Not unless telly wants it, that’s fine. I’ll give everyone a free ppv. I’m just trying to penetrate.


Next Friday cool? My nephews wrestling tourney is all weekend long is why i wont do it this weekend. I’d rather play in person to but I honestly dont touch the game as much and its for a small amount of money so who cares if it online right?


that’s fine


Lol. he got scared when I called him out, and said he’d do it for $20. I’m trying to arrange things. Will post when I figure it out.

Side note- I always wondered why people said “hot” garbage instead of cold. Hot indicates fresh. I always thought, if one wanted to be insulting, you might as well imply that they’re bad, and that their tactics are old with “cold” garbage. :coffee drinking emoticon (how do you do that?)


Wow. That guy looks free. How does RH always get these guys to MM him?


That guy is all talk and no play. The shit he says is fucking hilarious. He has no idea what he’s getting into vs rh lol


I suck, sorry guys =(