MvC2 Good Games



Welp, HeavyJugz finally said he’s dodging the MM.


what??? he talks shit about me when I don’t even know him, calls me out on a MM, then backs out.

God damn…what’s the count at now with people flaking on me???


lol sounds about right


Hot garbage stinks more.


Ill get heavyjugs to do it and match him


he always leave when i play him for too long :frowning:

Im about to get online if anyone wanna get a session in


Yeah, it was the first time I’ve played against him in probably 6-7 months. I was the one who actually had to go … haha.


Ggs to my nig khaos!!


I’m online right now. Anyone down to play?


GG bro. Damn, I need to level up my gameplay against mashing lol


Am I literally the only person thAt mashes when being romed?? I learned that shit ages ago. Or maybe it’s my gameplay? I press a lot of buttons but generally know what I’m doing lol


This doesn’t work well offline, and only works well with certain characters (works poorly with Cable for example).


GGs to sirmixagrip, IFC zangief, and telly last night. Good room!!!

Vegita-X, who was your boy I played last night? I can imagine the shit he was saying when I was gettin in that ass


GGs. I was up since 5am yesterday so I was super tired or else I would’ve hung around longer. Lets get another session in soon…


I fucking love sirmixs storm. Beastly

Ggs to everyone last night.


lol. good stuff.

RH- can u scrape HeavyJugz tomorrow night around 10 or so? Do u have a recording device?


i don’t have a recording device, but I can record how I did last time…

Yes, I will be available. Just let me know a definite time


RH, Jugz said around 12 his time and hes in Texas, so 10 Caly time. Record with whatever you got plz.

Telly, u have mashing tactics? or is it just mashing lk with Storm/Magz?

Tascar I might disagree. I’ve been hit plenty of times by Cables mashing jab during the infinite.


lol, yeah he doesn’t have an xbox and wanted to play u. He said your not good and he would own u. I told him i dont know about that. He plays sent/storm/cap and a lil msp. Told him to stick with sent/cap but he said he could beat u with msp. when that wasnt working he tried everything as u saw lol. He still says ur not good and u wouldnt win on dreamcast


gonna get online for about 45mins if anyone want to get some games in.