MvC2 Good Games



LOL…me winning 10 in a row=we would own me (I lost the first one and won 10-1)

Everyone who plays me online says I can’t win offline (DC or arcade). I don’t understand that logic.
Before XBL/PSN mvc2 came out, all I played was arcade/dreamcast. And yes, all the people who said that and played me offline still lost.


Is there a status on the Heavy Jugz match? He said to invite him.


@mvc2roundhouse DEETS PLS


I’m on PSN right now…it making me upload a system update.

Tell him to send a request to get it crackking. I have my recording setup as well




Whats your GT tho?


dude…PSN is ridiculous. The update is taking forever. I’m at 3% and this was like 10 minutes ago…

my PSN is: mvc2-Roundhouse


k. I’ll let him know whats up. Hopefully it hurries up. he has to work at like 8 or something. Not sure if it’s a ft5 or 7 yet either.


its at 9% now…so wack.

he doesn’t have XBL???


Nope. PSN only. Why would you be surprised, yo? Plenty of ppl only have one or the other. he’s got some stuff to do. How late can you play? Like, can he go take care of some stuff, and you’ll still be available in an hour?


well imma wait it out…these updates usually don’t take this long.

EDIT: great, I got a download error…WTF. Can’t even load mvc2 without the update.


Balls. So what does that mean? have to restart the update? You wanna just do this tomorrow night?

Also, telly, you never responded. I was serious about the mashing tech. I noticed that when I tried to cross you up from the rom, I got hit with j.wk, j.wk, when you were Storm, and then you’d land and convert into a full combo like an asshole. :slight_smile: What’s the tactics? Are you holding up? Forward? etc. Same with Mag’z and Sent, what’s your plan, yo? Wk with Magz and lp with Sent? Tell meeeeeeeee


we can do it tomorrow night, if that’s better for him…

I just restarted the system update. It’ll probably be done in like an hour I’m estimating because it moves up 1% like every minute and a half…if he still wants to play tonight


K. Let’s just set it up for then. He has some stuff to do, and doesn’t seem to want to plan around it. Tomorrow night. What time is good for you?


After sunday night football, like 9:30-10:00 pacific


k sounds good


I just hold up and mash buttons. Usually jab or lk :slight_smile:

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i just realize today that im very pringles in mvc2. Lets go Khaos