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That mid air mashing jab doesn’t lead to anything. Getting hit by a mashed attack (or even Storm) from Magneto leads to a reversal. Whereas with Sentinel (capcom too), mashing during infinite doesn’t do anything either.

I had a discussion with a couple other players regarding the whole online vs offline gameplay difference. Before, I’ve said the major difference is how it messes up your reaction time so it reduces defense, so online favors aggressive play. Someone else explained it perfectly, using traditional SF and CvS2 which makes a lot of sense.

When we say “unsafe” in mvc2, we mean that there’s a way around a certain strategy IF you capitalize on it. When something is unsafe in sf/cvs2, it’s usually 100% punishable. Mvc2 is different in that the game at high level play is more so about forcing your opponent into high risk, low reward situations rather than punishing a set blockstring.

mvc2: spamming lightning attack. only unsafe if you react to it instantly. could lead to fly combo, ahvb, infinite, etc.
example of a dangerous, but not immediately punishable tactic: spamming jumping viper beams with cable.
cvs2: incoming blanka ball, 100% punishable by the top tier cast. example, sagat can punish using standing mk.
sf2: spamming shoryukens with ken vs cammy. 100% punishable on reaction with a mk.

So lag changes the gameplay so 100% punishable things become unpunishable. Spammable blanka ball, spammable shoryukens, completely change the metagame and artificially boost a character’s viability. I was bashing online marvel with this level of philosophy, but I realize after the discussion that it’s even worse than this.

In these previous cases, if you don’t react to punish, you miss out on guaranteed damage resulting from punishes, but at the very least, you don’t get hurt yourself in the process. Unfortunately, if you choose to try to punish online you can actually hurt yourself, resulting in unsafe, poor gameplay being rewarded where it should actually be punished, aka, online tactics. Examples:

mvc2: spams lightning attack and randomly cancels it to lightning storm. instead of getting a guaranteed punish off the la, you instead get hit by ls into a possible dhc.
another: block IM launcher, attempt to punish (100% punishable), get hit by another launcher.
cvs2: sagat attempts to punish with mk, but blanka rc electricities, or even blocks the move to end up with frame advantage.
sf2: spamming shoryukens with ken vs cammy. cammy goes to punish, but gets hit by another shoryuken and takes damage and a knockdown.

In the earlier days (and online in general), when I first played RH the first couple times, I was trying to strictly punish mistakes he was making. Obvious mistakes. However, as eluded to in the post, instead of getting a guaranteed reward out of it, I was getting punished for his mistakes because of the online factor. So to answer your question RH, this is why people get so pissed off at the way you play. Although at the time, I did not realize this “try to punish, but get punished” point consciously until now, I shifted gears and adopted a 100% runaway style against RH which has lead to my 80/20% win ratio against him afterwards. If it was offline, I would be able to punish and further increase my ratio. Unfortunately because it is offline and I am a technician, I had to adopt a passive style that focuses on accumulating better risk/reward situations and a long range game that chips away to build a health lead. Unfortunately that is how online is. I am not a risky player. So I am not going to resort to subpar strategies, even though it means giving up free damage in an offline scenario.

Now I am going to give some examples from two 3rd party videos to address your “offline” capabilities. The first thing to notice, is that you love to spam launcher to convert to a hit. However, it doesn’t work offline nearly as much as you like online. This post is not about how you suck and you lost to justin, it’s about how unsafe the shit you do is and how it’s punished offline.
Round 1, you flop around, and desperately try to raw tag 2x.
Round 2, you try to jump at the beginning the match??? Spamming launcher hoping to land a hit? Raw tag with IM again.
Jwong breaks your trap around 4:18 and lands a massive combo that couldn’t be timed properly online.


Getting coached the whole time “counter call his assist,” "no more cable"
Round 1, More random supers. A punish at 0:43 seconds that is impossible to do online. More launcher spam. Lack of basics, can’t even do counter ahvb. Everyone gets nervous though, so we can throw out the failure to execute.
Round 2, whack crossup attempt at 4:08 that would work online but doesn’t work offline.
So when you think about it from this perspective, all these kinds of posts start to make sense:




1.) you’re a clown

2.) everyone gets beat by Justin Wong. that’s like saying (insert top level player here) can’t beat Justin Wong, those high level tactics dont work because he punishes it and wins…

3.) 80/20%??? Now you smoking crack.

4.) I play high risk, high reward. I don’t like footsies nor do I like betting at the $5 blackjack tables all night long. High stakes is my motto, just need to have the right timing.

5.) People love to call me out/mm me because they don’t think Im any good. I don’t know how to play magneto/do Rom, I don’t have a2g with iron man, my sentinel is built out of legos, and my storm is more like a light drizzle. It’s all good. More money for me because those same people find out the hard way and still are trying to figure out how they lost.


He’s a technician RH. Obviously you are too dumb to understand that he owns you, haha. Never even heard of this guy before he became a SRK troll.


LMFAO @ “my storm is more like a light drizzle”


You right. This is from the person saying that I have too much time on my hands with my Microsoft Paint/photoshop trolling, yet the technician has time to write a dissertation on mvc2 with links to multiple videos, footnotes, citations, etc…


It’s nice to keep my English skills well polished by debunking your claims.

What I said stands. I’ve already made my point. Trying to insult me in return is not going to disprove what I wrote.


tascar why u dont mm rh and prove all ur points i would make the trip to vegas just to see this mm live u still have time to save some money abk where u at ?


@akuma3030 that convo already happened


Tascar, I like that you tried to drop science, but unfortunately it just doesn’t add up.

  1. If you need to pick a video of someone fighting Wong to prove your point, you’re already on shaky ground. How many players won’t look like an idiot scrub against him? Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  2. Bashing IM teams for random tag is stupid. Random tag into IM (the more random, the better) is an incredibly great risk/reward strategy; if you tag into some drones or a hail or a frying pan or corridor, oh well you lost 10-20% life, but if you hit a point character then you damn near just won the match. As a Strider player, I face a non-stop onslaught of random taggers and I live with it, because WTF is Strider going to do to a random tag… a combo for a whopping 40%? It’s smart strategy.

  3. At 4:18 of first video, the “massive combo that couldn’t be timed properly online” is… fly RH+cyke, unfly fierce, sj.short-fwd xx dropped fast fly short? Don’t injure your back reaching so hard. (That would actually be a much better example if that were an online match, because then you could say, “see, online lag, if that were offline Wong would land that combo EVERY TIMES”.)


Best example to support Tascar would be someone losing online but winning offline against the same person. There’s not going to be many videos of this. You just said that online tactics support aggressive play, but then you said you switched to runaway to beat RH. If you are so set on not MMing him, why don’t you play him online ft10? Lets see this 80% win rate.


Let’s do it. Tascar, lace up!




GGs to everyone i played last nite. Man i was on fire. 48-10 run or something like that. Ggs to CaptainInsano, Telly , Primal ,Sirmixagrip and 3 other people one i just cant remember right now.

Big ggs to Telly. Ran a Godlike last ft 10 last night
10-5 me

Ran it back
10-8 Telly

I recorded all of the 1st set and about half of the second set until my camera died on me :frowning: gonna post them up soon

Here yall go. enjoy



GGs to vegita x and RH.


Anyone going to be on today?

IFC thanks for uploading matches. Also, sorry for so much mashing, even tho it seems to work on you. You’re so solid, that mashing throws u off! hahahah. That’s what I get for super hungover + coffee.

Tascar- Cables jab leads to plenty. I’ve been hit out of resets with a falling j.wp, /, j.wp, j.fp XX AHVB. In fact, this brutha Telly just hit me with that a couple weeks ago, when i tried to use the throw reset he had just used on me. What a punk! :slight_smile: Also, I have been hit with a falling (overhead) j.wp, /, cr.wp, cr.wp, XX AHVB when trying a same side short short reset. So, there’s a couple already where mashing jab works with Cable.

RH, you’re storm isn’t a light drizzle. It’s “hey guys did you feel that? I think I might have got hit by a drop of rain”. lolol. Just playin. Nice analogy tho.


GGs Taiga. I can’t seem to win without thrax against you. I did like my Sentinel comeback on three characters :]