MvC2 Good Games



looks like I need more thrax practice then. You’re pretty good with that team, yo. And that Sent comeback was pretty tight. I let up a bit when I was 2 char ahead and thought it was over, but you really took it. You hit unblockables really often, and when it came down to Sent vs Sent, you obviously have more experience than me. Good stuff mang.

Vegita you dont talk much do you.


This made me LOL!! =]


less talking and more playing i always say lol


ok, since im planning on going to final round next year im going to step up my game hard. Gonna money match whoever ask.

And all i have to Say to you Khaos is this!!!


***HA!! Sorry to bust yo bubble pretty boyee but I already told his raggedy ass this over 3 months ago lol. You can use it too tho, I don’t have copyrights to the movie lol. I challenge YOU Vegita to a MM at FR next year big man, so LETS GOOOOOOO!!! I look forward to makin Psylocke bleed from her lil ninja assassin coochie lol! You know Rogue don’t give a fuck who she fucks, ninjas, robots, animals, samurais, humans, mutants, WHATEVA oooooh she such a nasty lil hooka lol. Oh and Khaoooooooooooooooooos I want the matrix!!! ***


[SIZE=22px]TYS Evo2k12 Spartan Vs Bill Wellman FT5 (2 sets)[/SIZE]



I’ll probably be on later tonight if anyone wants to play?


Sorry for the lag yesterday. Probably people torrenting or something.


I actually think it was me. My bro was playing on his ps3 while I was on. Didn’t even realize it. Next time sirmix.

Ggs vegita. Love those long sets. Be leveling me up big time. Your startin to rip my thread apart.


ggs Telly. Yeah im still not where i want to be. say u going to Finalround next year. Im planning on money matching X (Desmond) if he does show up.

Also, ggs to Sirmixagrip as well last night.
Here are some casual matches last night between us. Decided to play some music i had for my mvc2 dreamcast collection. Hope yall like it. If not theres always the mute button lol.



ggs to all i have played the past couple weeks. vegita, new approach sorry for not inv it wasn’t me playing. why does this dude tleloc or whatever his name is lag so hard? thinks he is good with the BH online.


Tleloc’s scrubby picture is one of the leading illustrations present in the lag tactics encyclopedia entry. I see he made the switch to BH. Before, he was catching people with Lagneto and doing midscreen temptests that were impossible to mash out of because of the latency delay.


When r we gonna run a set??


I was waiting for you online a couple months ago and sent you a request as well.

As I said in a previous post I won’t be able to play for awhile so I’ll let you know if anything changes.



Level me up, guys!


I did! I let you perfect twice the otha day didn’t I?? Well there ya go…(piece uh shit) lol. I got yo ass a few times too tho lol, Sentinel was like “hey hey get this bitch off me! She’s damaging my robotic hole”!! lmao!!!



loogun fo dat $2 scrub "fo-reee-gita"
iz always fun beat’n up rookie cops!

gots sum crispy cremes for you if ya manage to slip a few wins off me:rofl:


XBL tournament

10 dollars entry fee.

90% goes to the winner
10% goes to stream equipment

depending on the participation. 2nd place will get a year subscription on XBL is my paypal… Please select ‘Gift’ and pay a small percentage. If things don’t happen. There’s a refund option.


Had a GDLK session with Telly and ObservedEgo.

GG brothas.


Online right now. Anyone down to play?