MvC2 Good Games



anyone going to final round next year


online for about an hour if anyone want to play


[SIZE=22px]TYS Evo2k12 Smooth Assasin Vs Mvc2 Roundhouse FT7[/SIZE]



Alot of people are going including me. Im bring TYS to final round next year and will be hosting it with goforbroke. Shin Blanka is willing to give us a stage along with streaming on the main stream. I will be creating the TYS Final Round thread sometime in November to get the hype started. I want to put together a good card with some main events and undercards like I do at evo. Is there anybody you would like to mm and how much? Also join the facebook group cause thats were all the drama and hype goes down at




anyone online?


19 people RSVPED in the facebook group so im thinking we should have like 20-40 going. Are you coming?


me and 2 maybe 3 other marvel players are coming. money matches will be going down as well.


anyone wanna do a mm at finalround?


ABK: I will not be attending. I thought it was funny because usually if someone wanted to hype up an event, they would list off top players that would be attending. By saying that “you are coming” brings little to no interest to me (and probably most of the community) other than they might get some videos 5-6 months after the event posted on your ad-filled youtube channel.


Better off asking this in the facebook group were everyone is talking about final round!

Now this is LOL. Why not join the facebook group and see who all is coming rather than speculate who all “top players” is going to be there. As far as the vids goes my friends youtube account got blocked for uploading all those vids from the past evo’s because of the copyrighted music so I had to upload them on my account. Yea the money match videos are late but people got them which is all that mattered plus I put out 8+hours of casuals to watch in the mean time. Also there was some cam issues thats another reason why it took so long for me to put out the vids. Ads will come on youtube videos cause youtube wants to make money. We put out the casual matches a few weeks after evo which had 8+hours on them until youtube decided to block his account.


My note about videos being posted slowly was more directed at Fanatiq vs Toan which you kept promising would be released “soon”. I take that back since it was kind of a dick move on my part because some videos is better than no videos.

But if you already know who is going, then you could’ve posted a list here right? At least you can mention any top player who would might be coming.


I’m going…

do I count as a top player?

awaits flaming


I just want to be clear that my friend does this for me as a favor. He travels to Evo and records these matches and edits them for me as a favor. He doesnt have to do this at all but does it cause I ask him to. He has a full time job working as a programmer so I have to work with his schedule to get the videos out. The cam situation threw off the whole schedule cause if you see he put out those casuals within a few weeks. He ran into some sound issues and cam issues for the money matches. This pro longed the vids from coming out because its close to 8-10 hours of footage. If I had control over it and knew how to do the videos like he does I would have been put the vids out while the hype was still fresh just like we did for casuals. Ill post more vids as they come available!

As far as the list goes, Im not going to copy and paste the entire rsvp list when you can just join the group and see whos going and ask questions there or wait till I create the TYS Final Round thread. There will be plenty top players at final round and who knows who will enter mvc2. My only concern is that its successful like Evo were we have at least 20-50 people attending/playing. If top players enter cool, if they dont im cool with that as well. TYS Final Round trailer will be coming soon…


GDLK games last nite. ggs to Khaos, sirmixagrip, Telly, and Marvelousone666


Yeah for sure. Leveled up big last night.

Sirmix has the best capcom ever haha.


yes he does… i was mind fuck when he was hitting me lol. But im trying to level up hard for finalround. U going?


I got my 1st perfect last nite on someone who name shell not be mention lol… :slight_smile:


Naw ill prolly be at evo though.

You should go and teach me to block. I’d be godlike!!


lol, everyone has trouble blocking… i cum to realize that it is much easier to snap in sentinel and kill him rather then capcom. i just love when he doesnt hit the ground lol. but i dont know about evo. me and my girl are going on a 7day cruise next year. dont know if im going to have any vacation time left between that and finalround but we will see. I hope Desmond (X) is going to finalround. gonna match him in a ft 10… dont know how much just yet.