MvC2 Good Games



Why guess over? IIRC, the trend is lots of people “confirmed” and less actually showing up.

ABK- this really makes sense. If (if) you are the one promoting it, then the onus would be on you to tell people which top players are going and get people interested. We lazy dog. Ion wanna go look at fb and sift through names to see whose going, especially if you already know mang.


In this day and age, having any new and decent mvc2 footy is tight. Thanks.

I know you only got on xbl recently. Did you ever play Nizmor’s Commando? Current best IMO. Mix’s is good too tho.

In my head - (please be Ken. please be Ken. please be Ken)

Stop holding up and mashing lk, lol. Nah, Vegita can be hard to block. I guess block like 50% of the time, and then react if they do a double mixup. I dont know how some of you guys only watch for the blocks and react . Maybe I’m too old for this.



Yeah, he got me. It’s been over 2 years since the last one. (J360) good stuff! Dude I swear to Gawd I’m so generous with characters sometimes… I keep forgetting you all play like its Evo finals lol


online if anyone wanna play


GOFORBROKE and TYS Presents…



Taiga: Thanks for replying to his post. I was beginning to think I was being crazy. Obviously copy / paste is tough to do.
VegitaX: GGs last night.


A little bird tells me that your full of shit! Are you trying to hurt my feellings!?


ggs to sirmixagrip… ya got me this time around.

GGs to Golden Nizmor today… man …that guy really does not like to lose lol.


Good Games to Everyone I played not too long ago.


We’ll get some games going on when I see you online.


I also wanted to say GG’S to everyone ive played lately, seems like lots of people be playing mvc2 online lately… LOVE IT!!! :slight_smile:



My Stream/Editing Intro :slight_smile:


TYS Mvc2 Final Round XVI 2013 thread: [Mar 29, 2013] TYS Mvc2 Final Round XVI 2013 (Atlanta, GA)

[SIZE=22px]TYS Mvc2 Final Round XVI 2013 Trailer[/SIZE]



gg’s games to all!

xbox has been great!
all ya train’n bots make my day:smokin:


ggs to everyone i ve played over the weekend. Even Golden Nizmor lol. Dude just cant take a lost lol.

Yo telly, i think Tio Cruito …or whatever was kinda salty the other day lol


Guys I’m hella rusty. Help meeeee


GGs to GOFORBROKE and DKexpress

I just found out the Golden Nizmor is my number one fan lol. It just kills him that im better then him lol. GGs nizmor, anytime u wanna play u know how to reach me.


Quoted for the truth!


Im leveling up on u khaos …:slight_smile:


LOL bro I can’t play MSP at all… only reason I rocked it for a while was to tag you back for that perfect. Lol

But as soon as Sentinel stepped in… lol

I need to play more. Been lagging it lately. Especially since Final Round is around the corner.


oh please… your head is full of hot air.
I’ll be on this weekend and WE know who’s msp is better right!
oh well history is just gonna repeat itself

YOOOHOOOO, vegita I’ll be on all this weekend


Been gone for awhile. I’m on right now. Let’s go.