MvC2 Good Games



So it’s me vs Buster?


Oh man when did this tourney start? Gotta check this thread more often


is it to late to enter the tourny?


ggs to everyone Ive been playing lately. If anyone wants to run some high tier and is on a decent amount add me.

gt: xx Madwak


What’s your ID? I added you to the bracket. Just add your opponent.


What’s your ID? I added you to the bracket. Just add your opponent.




I’m online. Anyone down to play?


damn, I am leaving for Ohio this weekend. I will try to get my match done if Rappleross is online. DQ me if I end up delaying the entire thing.


gg’s to all those niggaz lately!

some guy kinetic burst P’d me too! I guess its karma for all the guys i’d pee’d lately :lol:

portmore guy: your a god like scrub, ggs kiddo

and for ya’ll bitches that cry about lag, “cork it” cuz if i’m laggn so are you, deal wit it!
I’ll be on this whole week for those who want to OWN me :wink:


Vegita: get your button fixed. Not satisfying beating you that easily.


GGs to SirmixAGrip, Your storm was viliolating Allllll my special NoNo spots! I was like GTFO MEEEEEEE!!! (while pulling my hair out) and my buttons were sticky as fuck for some reason but i was like "I aint no bitch imma catch up in this fucking set! Then i saw the screen and it was 18-4 then i was like, “I am NOT gonna catch up in this set!”


Ohh yeah GGs to Niz as well, I wanna play your Cable again bro!




GGs to everyone Ive played lately.


16-0 me over mad wak. GGs :stuck_out_tongue:


Ggs to khaos, primal priority, scarylegend69. Khaos step your game up, your not ready for this hot ass IM!



10-3 msp vs msp, gg’s for me as usual

vegita, you should really practie your msp, too elementary for me.
at start of sunday u should hit up ranked mode, perfect competition for you

by bye


Going to take a break from XBOX live. Yesterday was my last day for awhile. GGs everyone.


gg’s sirmix

hop back on soon dawg!