MvC2 Good Games




I finally got xbl free gold for a month. Theosophocles. Who want it?


I couldn’t even stay away for a full week … haha, i’m back. Leeeets go!


Hopping on tonight. Hit me up bout 11 pm

Estrogen e20


I’m signing on in a bit.


Gfgs to my nig Rick. Fun as always.


Wait, you played without me??? Man FUCK yall last time was a fluke! Bring it on woman!


GGs. I feel like my rhythm is off. I would bait an assist then just dash into it over and over.


What’s your GamerTag?

Epic Match between RomFreeNeto and IFC


GT: Sirmixagrip


Ahh. You’re the one that I have been hearing about. Can’t wait to face you. Don’t know if you’re maxed or not on your friend list. Send a request to either Magnetroll (disable till this weekend) or G0F0RBR0K3 (active).


Sounds good. I’ll add you tonight.


Man…everytime i see or hear Golden Nizmor …aka (pistol starr)…aka…(yellow rock) post I picture this exact moment…lol



dose xbox scrubs are uniting and coming after me, OHHH NOO!
(portmore, magneto16, xzado rj, fugg it all of meh-he-co.)

I’m feeling like Afro-Samurai wit da #2 headband. I just keep dice’n dem ho’s. its yummy! :rofl:

(btw i’m wearning the #1 headband under the #2 headband! lmao)


GGs to everyone I’ve played over the last few days. Seems like once it hits around 7pm PST, my connection gets really bad. I hate Time Warner.


ah mr sir, I’ll be hopping over to xbox once i get stick. I’m gonna take BOTH of your headbands! lol
FT15 “memoirs of geisha!”


GN’s trolling too good XD


anyone gonna be on tonight?


about to get online


What about me Rick? What about meeeeeeeee? Your friends list is full. My free xbl tag this month is Theosophocles. And Niz, what’s your new tag?


Its full? I’ll go delete some people. Request sent.