MvC2 Good Games



Anybody here willing to spar with a rookie?


ifc vegita is YOUR MAN! :slight_smile:


Awesome. Got it. Thanks.


Online now if anyone wants to play.


Sirmixagrip right?


does anyone know what a good low tier team is? ive been using ken/guile/thanos but i get a lot of hate for using thanos. whats a good respecatable low tier team?


blkhrt, guile, sent should work!



TLk1: Why do people complain about Thanos? Doesn’t make sense.



Naw, on the Real Bison Juggs(Y) Ken


whats a low tier?


Does not include the following:

  • Cable, Magneto, Sentinel, Storm
  • Blackheart, Cyclops, Doom, Iron Man, Spiral, Strider

If your opponent complains when you are not using any of the above, they will complain regardless and you should just ignore them.


Just now getting back into this and hella rusty. Someone put me back on point…



Is strider still mid without doom?


absolutely, still a very solid character.


Jesus Christ, man. I know this game is the glitchiest, most broken product Capcom has ever released, but this time takes the cake.

I’m at character select against arcadesticks and the select screen is SUPER lagged. Whatever, maybe it’ll clear up once the match starts. I pick my normal Strider/Doom/Cyke team. The match starts… and my gamertag is a completely different person. Game is running at 50% of normal speed. arcadesticks (justifiably) drops. I go to send him a “I don’t know WTF just happened” message:

arcadesticks offline for 3 hours




It’s 360 man. All about PS3 :slight_smile:


Got my own Xbl. All you monsters add me



I can’t believe I mashed out of corner hyper grav tempest 3 times with 2 different characters and still get perfected!!!

Fuck you T3llyx…:stuck_out_tongue:


wow teiiy is a monstar