MvC2 Good Games



Lol I was gettin lucky last night >_<



^Neither one of you got lucky against me!! Hehehe ggs to the both of ya scrubs!:rofl:


I almost did but you were mashing DAT 1 hit lol ggs nig


lk lk lk lk lk lk is the savior when you are about to get perfected


Final Round XVI Mvc2 Exhibition Match Card Lineup. If I forget someone or you want to be added to the card let me know asap. All of these matches are confirmed + there will be a surprise exhibition match set you will not want to miss. I wont speak on it, you will just have to show up and see what happens. More matches will be added so Lets get it crackkin!
Final Round XVI Exhibition Match Card Lineup

(Main Events)
VDO Vs Rappleross

VDO Vs Rick Payton
NickGuy Vs Vegita-X
WorldMatchue Vs Rappleross
VDO Vs Skitz

(Surprise Exhibition Match)
TBA! See you at Final Round XVI

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Thread: [Mar 29, 2013] TYS Mvc2 Final Round XVI 2013 (Atlanta, GA)


Anyone know where I can get a couple switches replaced on a TE? My jab and HP are going out :frowning:


To wtf you play on a te? Lol would have never guessed. Would have thought mas with the way you play thrax.


Since those who don’t follow our facebook group and/or you got banned. See you at Final Round!


This is the Official TYS Mvc2 Final Round 16 Trophy to be awarded to 1st place winner of the Dreamcast tournament. We need everyone to donate whatever amount you can to support what we are doing for the community at and click donate. We want to continue to do this event every year from here on out so show us your support. Time to get serious and lets get HYPE!
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Thread: [Mar 29, 2013] TYS Mvc2 Final Round XVI 2013 (Atlanta, GA)

#10270<br><br>Enjoy <br>


(Official Final Round 16 Schedule) On Friday there will be 3 tournaments going down on all consoles including Dreamcast/Ps3/X360 so thats 3 different ways to win. Top 3 winners for each console will be awarded 1st/2nd/3rd place medals and 1st place winner of the Dreamcast tournament will be awarded a crystal trophy. Saturday & Sunday will feature Exhibition Matches from some of the best old/new school players so stay tuned to the live stream for details and times. Play time has ended so let the madness begin. Lets get HYPE!

Friday, March 29


Entry Fee’s: Ps3/X360/$10 & Dreamcast/$20
Casuals & Registration: Starting at 12:00 Noon!
Ps3/X360 Tournaments: Starting at 3:00pm!
Dreamcast Tournament: Starting at 5:00pm!
Tournament Format: On (Ps3/X360) 2/3 / 3/5 / 1st to 5 / & On (Dreamcast) 3/5 / 4/7 / 1st to 5 /

Saturday & Sunday, March 30 - 31

(((Exhibition Match Card)))

(Main Event)
VDO Vs Rappleross

VDO Vs Rick Payton
Nick Vs Krazzy
VDO Vs Skitz
Primal Vs New Approach

(Surprise Exhibition Match)
To Be Announced. Check livestream for updates!

(((Afterhours at the Mvc2 Salty Suite)))

Friday, March 29: To Be Announced. Stay tuned for updates and additional info will be announced in the ballroom!
Saturday, March 30: Salty Suite Hosted By AirbrushKing/VDO/GOFORBROKE. Additional info will be announced in the ballroom!
Sunday, March 31: Salty Suite Hosted By GOFORBROKE. Additional info will be announced in the ballroom!

(((Livestream Times)))

Friday, March 29: Stream starts at 12 Noon!
Saturday, March 30: To Be Announced. Check live stream for details!
Sunday, March 31: To Be Announced. Check live stream for details!
Livestream Powered by GOFORBROKE:


wassup with evo?


Where these MM at?


Oh hai guyz.


This guy