MVC2 Graphic Comparisons

Just found this on Kotaku. The “Smooth” looks decent, IMO.

Looks nice…they went the smart route.

you need to be posting it here

helps cut down on the clutter… just look before posting

So I guess post it on the same forum then, if no one has mentioned the graphic filters?

if they did, no big deal. just keep it in the respected threads…

honestly there is about a 1000 MvC2 threads that come here to die

Yea, I looked at the thread and I didn’t see anything mentioned about the graphics. Well I will keep that in mind next time. Thanks.

Is it possible to repost the topic in the respective thread then although a new one was made? Not to cause clutter but to keep everything relevant.


The graphics comparison was mentioned several times in the big MvC2 thread, in fact.

Also it’s should be a Neg Rep-able offense to site anything from Kotaku.

Almost 9 out of 10 times they simply steal news from other sources And crap on top of it with idiotic commentary and uneducated blather thrown in.

And yes, on MVC2 sticky, this was mentioned several times, From the Capcom Blog by Rey Jimenez here, also from Eventhubs here

Any recommendations for videogame game news websites? I’ve typically searched kotaku for news but have been dissed repeatedly for doing so. What are other options?

Joystiq, The Main page (you’d be surprised people don’t check the main page, and go straight to the forums), Capcom’s Blog / Capcommunity forums.

While I know they are also questionable sources, but IGN and Gamestop also are more preferable to Kotaku’s shitting on other peoples news articles.

Gamespot? No:

IGN is a good site. And Kotaku is just as good as IGN.

Kotaku doesn’t steal news, they have investigate writers who do quite well, and they also have people that do their own content generation as well. Also Kotaku doesn’t bow down to Sony or MS as you can see here.

Posting links from Kotaku is not neg-rep punishable…

Smooth & Crisp look almost identical, but will have to see what it looks like on my TV to make a good comparison.

Looks good though, much better than I thought it would since it’s not a ‘HD remix’…

lol Kotaku. Kotaku never obtains any information on their own and even then, they never cite anything. Did I forget to mention that they’re slow?