MvC2: Guard Breaks


After watching some videos, I noticed that Cable’s Guard Break ahvb is unblockable. Is this true? j.fp, ahvb if j.fp is blocked hold joystick down for ahvb, if j.fp is not blocked let ahvb go straight across the screen.

Am I right about this? Does anyone out there have the proper technical language?

Also, what are the Guard breaks for Capcom and Ironman?

Appreciate the help


i dont know the gaurd break for cable , but for CapCom right when they ther about to come in do the mummy thing
then lp. mp. hk. catain corridor captin sword

iron man is right when they come in jump hk then re jump and then get the infinite

isaw both in a vid


Where did you find guard break vids?:confused:
I want some!


Um, why isn’t this thread more popular?

I know GBs are old news but, come now ppl:bluu:


GB vids

There is a gb demo vid on the Shoryuken home page. I saw the cable tactic done on a tournament video…don’t remember which one. Check some of the threads or the Media tab above.


Situation: I just obliterated the point character with my IM, and I want to guard break the next one. I know that some say the GB for Ironman is up+hp, and others say (neutral). Here’s my prob. I usually do the up+hp version. So I jump, do up+hp, the next character blocks and we both fall to the ground at the same time…No time for me to jump again and start the infinite. Is the trick to jump before the character even begins to come out that way you are already on the down when you hp? Can someone explain the exact mechanics on IM’s Guardbreak? and if it’s not too much to ask: Strider, Cammy, Sent, Doom, and Psylocke?


IM’s guardbreak:

you have to time this, and it takes some practice. you have to hit them with the up fp right when youre about to hit the ground. after that, you can easily regular jump and do lp, mp, lk, u.hp, repeat. The trick is to jump way before you even see them on the screen… your hp should land RIGHT before you hit the ground.

striders = call his bird, i believe its qcf hk, it has to be timed so that it hits RIGHT as the new character is popping in, pause, c.hp after you see them “open up”

cammy = she doesn’t have any useful guardbreak. but i guess you could do one like this. call any AAA (anti-air assist), like capcom, psyloche, cammy… wait for them to open up,, sj. 1-4 cannon drill xx killa bee

sent = too hard for you to do right now if u dont know IM’s… but you can do it the same way as cammys. AAA, then launch.

Doom = better off doin the same with the AAA.

psy = i think you can jump in with a hp, right before you hit the ground… then do her launcher, a c.hp.

hope this helped.

the only REAL useful guardbreaks in the game are probably… magnetos, cables, sentinels, and ironmans. maybe a couple others… but those take lots of practice…


spiral’s guard break is either her expanding swords, or one sword shot. I still have to work on the timing, but what am i suppose to do after the guardbreak? when do I actually make a move on him? when he’s grounded?


doom: j.lp, land, launch with
sent: j.hp, fly,, (i think that’s right)

question: would this work as a gb for cammy?

canon spike (when they come in at top) XX KBA


Cyke’s gaurdbreak is the same as Doom’s, except you add another j. lk, i think. I’ve only done it a few times. But it seems correct, right?

Oh, and I’ve noticed that if you use Mag’s projectile assist when your opponent is in the air, jump in the air before using the assist and hit him twice. if he blocks, he’ll get hit by the projectile. this only works if you meet at the peak of the jump though, i think.

i’m not sure about any of these, but it’s all worked for me. mainly against the comp though.


Doom has some useful guardbreaks. Jump jab (hit with the jab very low to the ground) then df+rh is the most reliable one. You can also do high jump jab, wait photons, or flight, jump fierce, wait, photons. The nice thing about Doom is that if the opponent wants to jump and do nothing, Doom can do jump jab to catch them at the height of their jump then guard break into photons. So he has a good midscreen guardbreak.

Other useful guardbreaks:
BH has some, they’re just hard to lead into anything meaningful. Probably easiest one is late jump jab, s.jab -> s.strong xx armageddon. You can also gb with stand fierce, but it’s really hard.
Morrigan has a good guardbreak with her jump fierce. You can do a high jump fierce into DI, or if you have Cyclops do that into launch + Cyke into DI combo. Or if you’re fighting Doom or Tron, guardbreak into launch into infinite. Tight ass.



guardbreaks with AAA are iffy. You have to have them block the AAA while the assist is in the air. This is really easy for Psylocke and Cammy, harder for Cyclops, and impossible for Commando (although you can always throw them as they land).


Cammy actually CAN guard break people: sj. short, slight pause, rh cannon drill (hits) xx KBA.

Dasrik: Couldn’t Doom guard break someone in the corner into his infinite? I would love to see something along the lines of: sj. jab, dash d/f, start infinite here. If this is possible, I’ll love it :slight_smile:


If you sj, won’t you be too high? Is there a special timing that makes the sj work?


ok dark strider i got the vid off KazaA jist seach for marvel vs capcom 2 :smiley: :smiley:


you can gaurd break off a tech hit
this was in a vid too on the front page of shoryuken called advanced tactics i think


He sure can, but you should just stick to the standard guardbreak instead of doing heroics. Jump jab, land, OC.RH, then start the infinite. When you do it off an air hit, you want to start the inf. with SJ.Jab->Strong->RH instead of SJ.Short->Strong->RH.


Man you guys just now found out how to guard break with cable!! oh well better late than never. Sent also has another guard break, send out the lk drones before the characther comes out, then hit him with standing roundhouse. Then do big aircombo or somethin


what i want to know is why my thread on guard breaking with assists was closed a few days ago when these scrubs just discovered guard breaking with cable and are allowed to squabel about it endlessly

the mods are idiots

now i remember why i never post on these threads


Can you read?

The thread is not whether you can guard break with cable, it’s whether it’s unblockable. We all know j.fp / ahvb… Now we know that Cable’s guard break into ahvb can connect 100% of the time.

Just so you know…