MvC2 Guard Cancel Discussion


After seeing this crazy video by Clockw***0***rk and friends, i feel that some of the tiers are shifted up again. For instance, i think this puts Cable up a bit at the same time, lowering Sentinel on the tier scale. Would this “newfound” discovery (i quote newfound because i swear i’ve seen it before) mix, match, chew up, vomit out, and just plain mess up the current tiering system?


i agree, but you have to keep in mind the new abilities it gives characters that were already cheap as hell, magneto launch you into fp throw, you tech hit…too bad.

I think this knocks sentinel down a little bit as well, i just can’t imagine him without hsf chip but i’m already getting pretty good at escaping…

Cable is just too dirty and this just makes his match vs sentinel even worse lol, he also gets to escape spiral’s rampage trapping on him{i’m not too sure this will do much for him anyways}.

This lessens spiral’s effectiveness too cuz it looks like she only gets one rep of the trap.

Poor cyc vs sent:(

I wonder what other things this can be applied to…?


…What video?


That one.

And as for the question at hand, people will still pretty much do the same stuff as before. It’s a case of ‘whatever works for them’.


want to know how this is done exactly ???


I don’t think I agree about this making Cable better except maybe against Spiral, but she is getting worse against everyone, not just Cable. He can already AHVB most long range attacks. But this pretty well destroys all his S.HP patterns even against bigger characters. Also potentially might mess up air Viper Beams, though I haven’t done or seen that yet.

I think the biggest winner is Juggernaut, who can suddenly SJ out of lockdowns and Headcrush a whole bunch more stuff with the safety net of blocking first. Felicia gets a boost, as well as all the people with invincible start supers.

The tech-hit guardbreak is just nasty.


can you explain it to me? not sure what you’re talking about. what’s the guard cancel/ tech hit guard break thing?


Yay! :smiley:

Maybe Hulk gets a slight boost as well, giving his “floating clap” even more significance/importance.

I think a lot of characters will benefit greatly. This also may be the thing that forever makes Storm the undisputed #1 character over Sent. But that’s just conjecture on my part…



I don’t see this moving Cable up any, really. He could already AHVB Sentinel in the middle of HSF’s if the player knows what he’d doing.

Cable still can’t force anyone to make a mistake, regardless of this tactic. So IMO he should stay where he is.

On the other hand, it might actually hurt Cable a bit because as DeathFromAbove said, air viperbeams aren’t as safe as before, because someone can pushblock, guard cancel, and then wavedash underneath him and combo him or snap in his assist.

And maybe it’s even possible with AHVB’s. If that’s the case, then Cable’s stock would plummet straight through the ground and into hell. That would take away Cable’s ability to kill assists, because you could pushblock, wavedash under him, and combo him or snap in his assist. So if Cable aHVB’s an assists, he’d either have to DHC, or die. This would be very useful if the battery character has died, and it’s just Cable/Capcom or Cable/Cammy or Cable/Psy.


Feh. I still love Sent. IMO he may lose a bit of chip, but he becomes damn near indominatble in the corner. Launch=garunteed death now. Sent/Storm may become a bit more popular, abusing hail to cover Sent’s ass. Cable? TKAHVB just seems too fast for me. Do you really think it could be punished now? If so, yeah he’ll plummet. 2 ?s…

How bad does this effect S/D? I really don’t see that team taking a hit as they seem to do more crossups and rushdown than the actual trap. Will they’re boosted momentum hold up?

What happens to Cyke now? Does he drop down to the second teir “use for aaa only” catagory again?

Okay so maybe I had 3 ?s. But this is off topic a bit: What was the GB Sent used after the tec hit? I saw the vid, but I don’t have AOL anymore(and won’t likely see it again for a while), and I’ve never used that GB myself.



I’m only fighting newbz & AVG peeps from now on!!!:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Poor Sent:rolleyes:


BTW how exactly iz Guard Canceling done, I see the effect but I don’t see how it worx exactly.


Do you notice how when your being hit by ex. Mega Optic Blast you can let go of the block and still be blocking? Well I think you have to do that.

So you Push block the first hit then put the stick in neutral then when the super is over Tiger Knee ect.

Might not be the best explination.:o


i dont think guard cancelling is as big of deal as people are trying to make it,the timing is strict on this for punishing and overall its high risk and little pay off,how often do you see Cyke optic blast into super optic blast when its block,how is anybody gonna know when its coming if he does megaoptic blast are you just gonna pushblock every optic blast he does,or every laser sentinel does,there are only few uses for this in reality which are basically jumpin out of hsf and getting out when your assist is getting ahvbed otherwise its very impractical


Eh… this is kind of like saying Cable isn’t so bad, just don’t ever call any assists and you should be fine.

Or fighting Sent is no big whoop, he’s just kinda tough/mobile, what’s the big deal?

If there doesn’t end up being any other use beyond what you described above, that’s good 'n plenty. This amounts to a possible solution for effectively 50% of the real “top tier”; no small potatoes. Taking away those previously set-in-stone options strikes me as rather huge for Marvel and how it will be played in the future, but I could be wrong.

And this is assuming that GC usefulness begins and ends with Cable/Sent, which somehow I seroiusly doubt to be the case.



DFA,NAS… i wonder what options people gain vs cable then using this?


I doubt Cyke drops anywhere from this. To counter MOB, it has to be something like a optic blastXX MOB. There has to be something to pushblock. I never use optic blastXXMOB at full screen because it never combos anyway. And for countering the SOB, couldn’t cyke just aim it up and back down a little if they try guard canceling?


This stuff isn’t that hard to do. Hell I did it against Blackheart twice in a real match and that’s with no pratice (you should have seen the guy’s face). If you can do shit like Magneto infinites then you’ll probably have no problem with this. Once you get accustomed to playing naturally and using GC when needed you’ll be able to see the usefulness of it.

As for actual applications of this technique, I think it will really help characters with teleports. If it was hard to trap them before it may be damn near impossible now. I can imagine M. Bison teleporting out of all kinds of things as his teleport has 1 frame start-up. Of course anybody who has a bit of invincibility on a beam super could reap the benefits.


what is this about when cable is AHVB’ing your assist you pushblock and you can stop it? please go farther into this, get pissed if ya want, juss somebody answer this on how to do it?


I can’t seem to see the vid in question.
What codecs do I need to see it?