MVC2: Guard Cancel Thread

Search turned up nothing useful on guard cancel so I thought I would start a thread…

In case u didn’t know, a guard cancel is a push block cancelled into a move or super jump. So for example if you are being hit by a blocked beam super, you pushblock at the very end of the beam and cancel it (eg AHVB) to punish the opponent.

Get the “Advanced Tactics” video if u want to see it in action :eek:

what is the timing for guard canceling out of sent’s HSF?

Blackheart’s HOD is by far the easiest to get out of. You just hold U/F towards them and push block when the inferno hits and keep holding it until you jump out of it. Not that anyone uses blackheart anyway.

I USE BLACKHEART!! only in casual play… i would like to learn this but i think everyones seen the video by now… and have a idea… I always mashed push block to keep them away from me LOL

What in gods name is the timing to this? :frowning:

You usually pushblock right at the very end of the super

What I’m more interested in though is what kind of traps can it get you out of… The video showed guard cancel to escape spiral/sentinel trap. Strider/doom seems impossible to escape, that shit is too damn good :smiley:

i wonder if guard cancel can be used on the air to counter guardbreaks…

i think if they do the cylinder that you push block that and then u can jump out of it. i think.

magneto = push the cylinder, hold up-forward to jump out, infallible.

I believe the timing to escape HSF is…push block right after the second wave of drones hit you. AFTER, not during.

If you’re getting hit by the tempest from accross the scene, when should you guard cancel?

To get out of hsf, you have to first block something before the super starts, like a cr.hp. When you hear the “ching”, push block, then super jump as soon as you block the second set of drones.

As for hod XX inferno, push block as soon as you see the hod and hold the stick up-forward, it’s really easy.

Are you saying that you should push block the move that they did BEFOR the super actually comes out?

yep i don’t think you’re right Geekboy :confused: that is what i’ve heard too - i thinks it works like this - once you push block your block animation stops after a set time, so if you push block the thing that hits before the HSF, the timing is such that your block animation stops after the second set of drones, so that’s when you perform your action

What’s the timing for when you’re blocking an air combo and then you all the sudden throw them?

That’s what I thought at the beginning and what people told me, but that’s not it. After I tried it a couple of times, you have to push block one tick of second after they do hsf, not before, or else it won’t work. You have to super jump as soon as you block the second set of drones as I said before.

Saige :
Juste push block and keep on pressing hp or hk + a direction, either forward or back.

go find the original thread after the advance tactics thread. It’s about 300 pages long. Shady K answered all the timing questions in that thread. Stop being lazy. We all had to read it there.

Guu thinks the author of this thread didnt do a very good job of doing his search.

Ok peeps, listen up. This is the timming to escape the hsf: (actuall, timming cannot be written, but when you pushblock can):

say sent does rocket punch xx HSF. Basically, you want to pushblock right after the rocket punch hits you, then leave the stick in neautral, then sj. right after the second wave hits you, sj. the hell out.

when you pushblock the rocket punch, you want to delay it as long as you can.

So it will be like this

rocket punch hits, first set of drones from hsf is half screen, pushblock, leave it in neatral, super jump after the second set of drones.

When you want to mix in DHC like they did in the vid, you have to pushblock at different times.

Is it possible to guard cancel from a beams like HVB? How would that work? I tried blocking, push block near the end, set to netural, and super jump. Never worked or I’d just get hit.

Can someone explain magneto’s guardbreak