MVC2 "Hack" idea- Break What Isn't Broken

Suppose the community was to take a rom (for the sake of the rules let’s say a legitimate one) and/or copy of mvc2 and hack it- or a dumped copy from said legit rom- to buff up certain lower tiers back to their pre nerf strength (think X vs. SF). This isn’t “under mss/msp” low tier, more like below average low tiers like the shotos- outside of their nice assists of course… Back in the day, these guys had ridiculous things like infinites with just fw mk and were legitimate choices for teams. We could also take ideas from the later (and earlier, like I said before) vs games (mvc3), such as akuma’s demon flip otg’ing and giving chun back her level 3 from marvel 1.

Anyone like the sound of this?
I know this game has a modicum of balance already with certain low tiers, but some are just inadequate unless paired with the best assists, and even then they are sometimes only kind of good. This community has done a ROM hack before with “4th strike”, although the quality of it is arguable.

MUGEN does this.

it would be a disaster and wouldnt work, the rules of mvc2 that buff some characters nerf others. for example, for wolverine to get buffed would be breaking the rule of flyscreen

Hence breaking things that aren’t broken. In addition people break that thing in this game anyway. And there are multiple ways of buffing a character. Upping wolverine’s speed and damage values would essentially create a sort of mvc3 style wolverine- minus the otg, of which could be easily put in- by someone more skilled than me, I’m not that great of a coder/scripter- just by looking at the values of an assist/move that has it and tweaking it as necessary.

Also, no, it would not be “a disaster”. It hasn’t even been done yet, therefore you don’t have valid evidence for your argument. You have a bit of an explanation, but the problem with that, again, is that values can be altered.

With M.U.G.E.N. I would have to make some ugly collaboration of various versions of characters, and to even make it remotely similar I’d need screen packs etc. I’d rather rally up some interested people on here to make a different version of this game by altering the code/scripting it already has.

Hacking a legitimate R.O.M. the right way would actually make it so an emulator could read it. I just don’t think anyone but a whole 12 people that use M.U.G.E.N. actually use it right or take it seriously. The rest blast their volume at dial number 12.5 with “ULTIMATO SHIN UBER FREEZER CONTRA SSJ9 SONGOUKOO” A.I.'s playing each other and uploading the result to youtube.

damage output alone wont make wolverine as good as he was in xvsf. how would you deal with the rules of FS and shit without ruining what other characters can do?

actually, nvm. just show me. theorizing wont mean anything

I actually like this idea, make it happen!!!

I suppose…

but TBH, many characters need a lot more than simple buffing up and additional properties to do things.
Example: Characters that don’t have an air dash, teleport, and/or long range attack (Thinking of Jill and Hayato) are going to have a ridiculous time getting in on team Scrub, and on top of the mobility, they need the “pringles effect”. E.g. when I get in with Magnus, it’s a wrap, because while Cable can run all day, he’s got no tools to get Magneto off of him.

I like this idea, some simple things I think could be done would be to make every character that doesnt have a air dash, be able to do their ground dash in the air if thats possible.

Also things that restore red life should restore ALOT of yellow life,
Power up assists should REALLY power up, level 3`s should take one level, minus spiral because the high tiers shouldnt be touched.

The aim would be to break the low tiers enough to a solid chance against the high tiers.

Upping speed, upping damage, removing things like the ability to mash out of hulks gamma crush, adding startup speed and removing recovery from certain moves…is this type of hack possible ?

Because if it is…Mvc2.5 would be better than any game out imho.

It would draw alot of interest also

Upping the start-up speed of sabretooths birdie would would break him nicely, Juggernaut starting the game glitched, doubling the time limit for Collosus`s power-up, Zangief being able to blobk in mech form but giving it a long time bar…and the funny thing is with buufs like this they still would struggle with the top characters but it would be an awesome upgrade. Just break every lowtier so that they have a chance.

Also make low tiers build meter easier

Give some of them the blue stun affect…like storm has…things that dont envolve new animation obviously.

Someone tried to do this like 10 years ago on SRK, hack into the game and put others characters in it like Sol Badguy and make Abyss playable.

It didnt work.

It worked, it was just unstable and it was back in 2001. I managed to get abyss in the demo screen, but not as a selectable character. Those were the days where I had to burn every single test run via diskjuggler and a cd. So much work.