MvC2 HD??!

I died…discuss

Holy hell

:< :< :<

ah fuck…I should have known better, it’s early and I got excited.

Will a mod please close this and smack me upside my head.

Your mistake wasn’t to post something that was already discussed in another thread; your mistake was posting Kotaku as a source.

online play please

Agreed…shame on the OP.

…better than Destructoid

Quoting the breakfast sandwich from jack in the box commercial, “Thish would be totally aweshome!”

You’re my hero. Possibly yes homo.

how bout that for a 2001 :rolleyes:


You want in? Plenty of specs to go around.

Linking to Kotaku, as the first post no less, should be a bannable offense.

i’ll pass.


Instant food tiers
(Asian) Ramen
Anything Swanson (Hungry Man for the win)
Instant rice plus soiup
Anything Stouffers
Hot Pockets
Pizza and Bagel Bites
Chicken Pot Pie
Lean Pockets
Top Ramen
Toaster Strudels
Certain Breakfast sandwiches