Mvc2 heads: going or not?

honestly, if mvc2 is on xbox will you go or not? this is serious, i know alot of people say they aint going but in the end they do. so if you say no then your ass better not be there. i personally will not go and i put that on my life.

yea it dont matter wat its on idc its marvel u know? all 3 seem da same to ME lol but w/e if it is ill go

Fuck outta here…

if its on stick does it really matter?

I’m still planning on going, i don’t really care thats its on xbox… also entering other games

Who said it’s going to be on Xbox?

It’s on Xbox.

I hate that version.


XBOX = free win

hmm this is great for me actually, cuz there are other minor, unknown glitches on xbox that I WILL exploit. People won’t notice, and what’s more is they have to be tourney legal cuz that’s just the way the game works. BTW all u fuckers that say u can’t hyper counter in are idiots, it can be done, just not at the very last second, with the exception of a few supers that no matter when u do it your ass is grass.

mvc2 on xbox and ps2 is a DIFFERENT game. fuck that shit. i don’t think any hardcore marvel players going until it’s changed back to dc or the cannons get some boards.

how about somebody run marvel on dc in the byoc room,like gather up atleast 5 dc’s and run it,i dont think that would be a bad idea…plus you get to chill with old friends