MvC2 help please


I want to get better at MvC2, so I’m finally joining here, after constant nagging from a friend of mine. He’s the first personal gaming friend I’ve made who was knowledgeable in competitive games beyond just personal experience and “friends”. For instance, I’ve been part of the online Pokemon community for 12 years now and I’ve not met but a few people (at a Nintendo-hosted Pokemon tournament, JAA 2006) in person that wasn’t because of online interaction that could really have a chance at beating me in Pokemon; most people think Charizard with Flamethrower, Fireblast, Ember, and Scratch was awesome, and most people don’t remember Tauros, who was, bar uubers (all of Mew and Mewtwo), the best Pokemon in that generation.

I had a couple friends (roommates) who were really damn good at MvC2, but that was just from constant playing each other for over 10 years (and one’s twin brother), and they have really no knowledge of “proper fighting terms” like heavy and forward, which I’ve just recently learned myself thanks to Ray. I don’t know his username, though. I generally hold down the Smash Brothers end of the crew I played with, and I’m quite familiar with that game’s terminology… tilt, fair, l-canceling, fast falling, etc.

Anyway, as far as MvC2 is concerned, I like using: Cyclops (AAA), Psylocke (AAA), Magneto (Capture), Blackheart (AAA), Akuma (Expansion), Strider (I need a suggestion), Cammy (AAA), Charlie (AAA), Shuma Gorath (suggestion?), and Doctor Doom (AAA). I want to make my main team consist of Psylocke and Magneto, but I need a third, and I don’t know who to open with. I play on XBox360 and have a Street Fighter IV Fight Pad, so you know the play style I’m familiar with (I don’t have the money or the patience for a fight stick right now).

I generally know how to do Psylocke’s nifty Butterfly combo, as my friends and I call it… hit, hit, pop, hit, hit, twirl, butterflies. Whatever acronym Magneto has for his infinite, I can’t translate it, I haven’t been able to memorize the short term yet. And even after I know what it says, I won’t know any of the techniques or finger combinations because I’m a visual learner. Because of this and not being able to find youtube vids with step by step controller in hand with screen in view combo guides, I’ve always been deterred from joining here or other net communities. And everyone I’ve met online or at an arcade who is really good is a fucking asshole.

Anyway, if there are any good tutorial videos for Psylocke, Cammy, Magneto, Blackheart, or Cyclops, please link me here, I’ve not been able to find anything of worth on my own. I’ll work on learning the basic terms, and ask more questions here once I try to get them into practice. I’ve started this post 2 hours ago, got lost practicing with Psylocke, and now I’m finishing. Thanks, and HI!


Has it ever been? Personally I have strong feelings against smash when its considered a fighter…


Smash is just as competitive as other games, just different. It’s one of those games that you have to be involved in if you really want to see the competitive value because, at first glance, it’s probably regarded as a party game. >.> This site has all the MvC2 you’d want. I also recommend Gamefaqs, since they have well-written guides for all characters.

Also, hi.


Smash, to me is competitive. It just doesn’t take the same concept as traditional fighters, with health bars and beating the crap til they pass out, but rather pushing them off the stage. I know a ton of SRK members who despise Smash. I personally find it fun, not as a party game either.

Unfortunately, It’s initial design is not competitive at all, unless it’s a 1v1 no items, blah blah blah. But even so, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was at EVO. Whatever, just find some locals and play with them or something.


I say play the games that you feel are fun and competitive and screw what other people think


I wish someone would make an equivalent to Sirlin’s Super Turbo video tutorials for every fighting game. Something that very clearly spells out the basic mechanics of a match. It would make getting into other games way easier.

There was a pretty good KoF one floating around somewhere too.


Best troll thread ever! I want Magical drop 2 at EVO!


Smash will be at evo, in the corner of shame, you know the same one where the poverty fighters tend to hang out.

Also I notice your in Raleigh, did you ever show up to any of the smash tournies in the area, they suck I know :(, I was the good ZSS player(NOT phoot or ares). If your at NC state the Wolves Den used to have good chill players…and some really shitty ones but w/e.

Brawl 2v2 is competitive and p. much the only reason why I like brawl better than melee, that and ZSS is in it.


I like how the title of the thread had nothing to do with the 3+ paragraphs that followed.


ya lolol, i was gearing up to trash smash. well played OP.


I have a quick question about your name! Did you mean to imply that you pretty well always post in threads instead of just reading them and moving on, or that you simply hardly ever read forums at all?


Are implying that you are in fact a dead frog?




I insinuate subtleties FOR BREAKFAST.


There goes my dry witty seinfeld-esque response to Smash…damnit.


Title of topic edited to better reflect your question. Please be cautious of making this mistake in the future or it’ll be mistaken for trolling and you’ll be given an infraction accordingly.


Teach me




( I’ve been teaching you the whole time. )


To me Smash is a party game that can be played competitively but not a competitive game. The fact that you have to twist it into some weird shell of itself to make it competitive means something.


Yes, this is why I’ll never take Smash seriously. It’s one of the most fun not-super-serious fighting games I’ve played, but it’s not designed ground up to be competitive in a serious kind of way.