MvC2: Help with Hulk



Alright, give me all the tips you can with Hulk. I’ve been playing with him for quite a long time, but I need to take him to the next level.

I have found that he makes an incredible rush down character. He has the speed and power for being a big character.

Also, I’ve heard he has an infinite. Does anyone know this combo?
Please post everything you know about him.


I’m going to need specifics; you can’t just say “OK, spill your guts on everything you ever knew about Hulk”…

…well, you CAN, but then if I were to try to do that it would just end up being me wasting a bunch of my time so you can respond with “I already knew that” :smiley:

So what’s say you save us both a bunch of time and pare down your request into more manageable chunks? :slight_smile:

The Hulk infinite is (corner only): launch XX [after 1st hit] upward Gamma Charge, up-forward Gamma Charge; repeat GC part. Both Roundhouse GC’s, I believe. Not particularly easy to do in a real-world match, but just because I have a hard time with it doesn’t mean that you will.



Hulk’s problem is he gets wasted by sentinel and some of the other characters…but he does beat the hell out of certain number of characters…

Really damaging combos:

Magneto/Hulk w/beta assist: FP launcher into double/triple team…
best when double team…so third character doesn’t mess up the super…hurts like a bitch…since the gamma crush hits only 2-3 times…you’ll see what I mean if you try it…

Hulk/omega red:

with hulk throw assist, cr. mk, gamma charge, gamma crush…soooo much damage…it’s cray…only like 6-7 hits and kills weak damaging recieving characters (cable and below) etc…


Some General Hulk tips:

  • Against your shittier matchups, a lot of times the quickest, safest thing you can get is a short GC (x2, 2nd one up-forward). Go ahead and take this when you can, so that you can ‘keep up’ without the clock totally becoming your enemy. This way, instead of putting yourself out there rushing things, you have a little room to wait on your Lucky Break to come around. You only need one…

  • J. Fierce has float (forward) or stop (backward) implications for your air movement, as well as unusual hitbox & crossup properties. Master this.

  • Negative-edge ground jab XX command throw is useful.

  • Learn ALL of the normals, even the weirder ones that nobody uses (like c. HK)

  • Good (read: flystomping) Sent is probably your hardest matchup. Good luck on this one, you’ll need a little…

More later.



Ive seen this on a Video but do the Gamma Crush with Ruby Ready Capture assit make sure it captures the opponnent as your going up so the - FULL - effect is done… it will muder engery about 70 percent

If im correct


these are all really great tactics thanks for you contributions.

I’ve used ruby heart with hulk and they work great together, but my main team is Colossus, Hulk and Juggs. I have some really awesome 100% combos with them and some really good traps. I don’t have too much of a problem with sentinal (colossus owns sentinal), but I have a big problem with Cable.

I’ve found a corner combo with Juggs that does 100% on sentinal. It consist of 2 head crushes in the corner.

I try to focus on lock downs when using hulk. Since Hulk has such a fast normal jump, using Juggs earthquake assist I can lock down sentinal using lk,lk,rk to keep him trapped in the corner and slowly chip his energy away, since hulk normal attacks do chip damage.

If you have anymore strategies with hulk it would be appreciated. At the moment Hulk is my week link in my team, so I need to improve him more.


I highly recommend that you get in touch with Lord Doom, one of my main local sparring partners. He uses Colossus/Hulk/Jugg as a “just messin’ around” big-man team.

He’s also a big fan of Jugg-a, so all that is right up your alley.

Use your Jugg-a to set up unmashable Gamma Crushes.

Another handy little offensive set:

Hulk on point, back to the wall: land a command throw (either strength), OTG s. Fierce, Roundhouse GC XX Gamma Wave. Non-rollable. Intimidating. Good damage.

If I think of more, I might add it for those 3 or 4 people on SRK who give a happy damn about the Hulk… :slight_smile:



Gamma Charge xx Gamma Quake = all you need


This is a bit of an oversimplification, but it’s very true that this is critical to his game.

When appropriate (read: when it’s going to carry them for at least a good 7-8 hits), you should go with the Gamma Wave. This is in the context of Roundhouse GC, mind you; I haven’t found a reliable way to get short GC XX Gamma Wave (unless an assist hits them in the interim).

That being said, you can’t really go wrong with the GQ. Works in the corner, works mid-screen, just plain works. Fairly safe if blocked, and can’t be jumped over like GW.

This is one of Hulk’s major brain-dead, “don’t have to think about it” offensive sets.

Reserve Gamma Charge XX Gamma Crush for assists only, and even then the value may be questionable. For advanced users only; hard to direct the Crush accurately.



OK, its been a while since I’ve used that team, but I’ll see what I can do. I usually used Jugg beta with that team though. As for some combos I use with that team.


  1. C. short, C. foward, THC(sounds scrubby, but if Jugg is in the THC it’ll hit and hurt.

  2. C. short + Jugg alpha, C. foward, launch or deep c. fierce, spinning grab(works great in the corner)

Another thing I like to do with Colossus with either Hulk or Jugg behind him is combo his sweep into the shoulder chargeXXSuper Dive cancelled right away into either a Headcrush or Gamma Wave

I also tend to like to use TKed short shoulder charges to advance my ground.


  1. C. short, C. foward, THC or any jab, THC(like Colossus, scrubby as hell but it works)

  2. C. short+Jugg alpha, C. foward, Gamma Crush(unmashable, just watch for the corner because it will not work when their back is to the corner, also this does not work on Sentinel:lame: )

  3. jumping Fierce Throw + Colossus dash assist or Jugg dash type, J. short or roundhouse, Gamma ChargeXXGamma Quake or Gamma Wave

  4. I also like using Hulk Gamma Charges to move across the screen, especially against super jumping opponents, most noticably BH, Doom, Cable, and Storm

  5. I also love using like jumping short and foward as a great combo starter or a set up for an air throw if you meet them in the air.

Corner Combo: j. short, j. foward, d.c. short, c. fierce, s.j. jab. s.j. short, s.j. strong, wait for a second, s.j. short, s.j. foward, jump back up Fierce Punch Throw, j. roundhouse(OTG), Gamma ChargeXXGamma Quake or Gamma Wave


Work his normals well and punish as many mistakes as you can with Headcrushes

Corner Combo: Fierce Punch throw into the corner, j. short, j. fierce, Hulk dash type assist right after the j. fierce(somewhat like the timing for the Sent/Mag combo)
From there you can:

  1. Headcrush

  2. launch and do an AC of your choice

  3. j. short, j. foward, ground Fierce Punch Throw again and repeat

  4. j. short, j. fierce, jump back up and Fierce Punch air throw(looks hella funny)

  5. my personal fave :smiley: **launch, s.j. jab, s.j. strong, s.j. foward, s.j. fierce, s.j. roundhouse, land and either:
    1) j. short, j. foward, Fierce Punch throw, repeat…
    2) j. short, j. fierce, land, jumping Fierce Punch Throw

Those combos will and can kill the likes of Cable, Storm, Doom, Strider, Magneto if you can catch them in the corner and all but one of them doesn’t use a super :smiley:

Unfortunately, Blackheart, Hulk, Juggernaut, and Sentinel are too are too heavy and reach the ground before you can juggle them :frowning:

Hope I could help you out man.



Count me as the 5th person on SRK that gives a happy damn about the Hulk. I see tons and tons of potential in Hulk, but he has incredible draw backs that are just too much to bear against good players.

The gamma crush hits when it wants to, the gamma charge is slower than beans and has crappy priority, among other things.

However, Hulk can still be used effectively, and i have trouble not laughing hysterically when i nail my opponent AND his assist with gamma crush. Also, he has a killer air combo to OTG in the corner that goes as follows: Launch, lp, lk, hp, hk, land, lk OTG, Hp. During the initial air combo, do the lp, lk, hp, hk, slightly slower than normal to ensure that you land before your opponent. You can integrate an assist into the OTG part for more damage and more combo opportunities. Suggestions and comments on this would be cool.

Also, what assists do you guys use with hulk? Im curious as i see equal crappiness with most of his assists. What normals do you guys prefer? and how do you combo the gamma toss throw again? Maybe we can bring disgruntled green scientist from the ultra low tier to…uhhh…low tier:o :o


I guess I’m the 6th person here who gives a damn about my main man…The HULK!!!
As previously stated, Hulk does have alot of drawbacks but the biggest skill any hulk player can have is patience(or however you spell it)

First up, the gamma crush will always hit depending on how you set it up and wether or not your opponent knows that he can mash out of it. For guaranteed hits, stick with setting up the GC into the gamma quake.

If you absolutely need to hit the gamma crush, then have hulk as your 1st assist(i usually stick with dash) and have cap commando or psylock on point. Air combo into any thing that puts your opponent in the top 1/3 of the screen and bring on the gamma crush. It will only hit 2-3 times but thats enough for some good damage.


Oh, I almost forgot.

If you’ve got two super bars to spare and your opponent is backing into the corner, Set up a combo ending with a Gamma Charge. As soon as the gamma charge hits, do a Gamma Quake. If you time it right ,you can hit a gamma crush out of the gamma quake as your opponent is falling.

It’s not always guaranteed or sometimes just seems immpossible, but i have done it and ithurts like hell.



Agreed. Sad thing is, they don’t even have to be “good” players; any moron with Cable and Sent drones on the side can make you have to pull every trick you have out of your a$$ to win… :bluu:


The Gamma Crush is unmashable against point characters if you do a ‘perfect’ one (canceled after the first hit of c. HP launch). I usually don’t bother because you can do a decent chunk of damage with a good AC (& save meter), but if you’ve got somebody particularly deadly and a good DHC to follow with (like, say… a glitched Headcrush :evil: ), then you may want to go ahead and take that opening.

I also beg to differ on the gamma charge speed and priority, both of which are very good. This is a very subjective matter though, so I won’t quibble. Instead, I’ll just chalk it up to difference of opinion.


Thanks very much for the AC; I’m always dickering around trying to find out something exotic or flashy. I appreciate it; I’ll kick it around some and give you some feedback later.

I always, and I mean ALWAYS use Hulk-b (the dash one). This is what provides the Gamma Crush as a THC, which used to be about 80% of my Hulk gameplan and is now only about 20%. Hulk-a is like Jugg-a but less useful, and invariably in the THC you won’t get the flying screen that makes the Gamma Wave worth a damn in the first place; one of the other supers will interfere. Hulk-y is like a budget Colossus AAA, and gives you a Gamma Quake for a THC which may be decent situationally (I never used it much) but still can’t approach the raw assist-smashing power that is the Gamma Crush.

So in those senses, the Gamma Crush is still very useful. People are just generally mad because it’s not MvC1 Gamma Crush & they’re spoiled. :slight_smile:

Besides that, Hulk-b is very good for helping set up offense (AHVB, rocket punches, lots of things) and enables you to use him as a human shield, which is critical to upper-level JuggerHulk play (they play this role for each other). Hulk is well-suited for it, because he’s tough and heals like a sumbitch (check his lifebar out when he’s resting sometime).

Hulk is not ultra-low tier, he’s just very underexplored. Personally, the only matches I am terrified of are Sent & Mag (which I get to see a lot of; yay). Cable & Storm are way tougher than average, but doable. Anybody else better watch their nuggets; they might be dangerous, but if they’re not AT LEAST as worried as I am then they are complacent to a fault.

Thanks for the post…

"Jeez, I’m doing the multi-quote thing; can you tell this is my favorite Marvel character? :D"


I will do a run-down of Hulk normals and their implications (as far as my feeble mind can tell) a little later. Be on the lookout for it.



I agree with Juggrknott. Hulk is not low-tier he is just “unexplored”. I couldn’t have put it in better words.

I myself prefer hulk’s beta assist (horizontal GC). It sets up alot of good combos. For example:
In the corner-Jugg’s FP throw, j.jap, j.fp, hulk assist, j.jap, j.fp, head crush. (90% dmg). Works great when their character is first coming in.

Just something to add…After the Gamma Quake after you mash and get the maxium amount of hits you can j.fp throw, fk (otg), gamma charge, gamma quake, repeat. If you get it the second time, most likely they’ll be dead since the damage resets. Usually after the first time though, they realized just what happened then they tech hit the next throw or roll. But that combo usually catches them by surprise.:evil:

Oh, for anyone else that plays with Colossus, Hulk, and Juggs. The bread and butter for that team is the triple-team super. Its an easy 100% combo (90% on sentinal) just by pressing 2 buttons:evil:. The head crush always comes out first so you can punish anybody who screws up, just like using the normal head crush. You have to have Hulk beta assist though (doesn’t matter with colossus and juggs). If you haven’t seen this yet you really need to. Also try it with the Juggy glitch:eek:

I have plenty more menacing combos that I’ll post later.


In the first paragraph of that section I was just quoted on above, I meant Gamma Crush at the very end, not Quake. I’ve edited my post, but was quoted beforehand, so I just wanted to make that point in the interest of preventing confusion and trying to promote good information.

[MB2K]Mizter Ed, if you care to edit the post, great, if not, well that’s what this post is for I guess… :lol:

I did not know the Gamma Quake was mashable ( :eek: ), I will have to look into that most definitely. :):evil::slight_smile:

I haven’t forgotten about my pledge to do a normals breakdown, but that’s way too word-intensive to try to tackle at work. (yeah, I surf, but I do have some scruples about it…).

Talk with y’all later…



do u guys think hulk need to be paired with hard hitting guys who can help his 1-hit kill strategy (ie Juggs or Colossus)? If I tinker with Hulk, I dont feel good having 3 fat asses on my team. I’m a top tier whore. Could a Mags/Hulk team work somewhere, maybe?

Also, does Hulk-Beta beat Doom assist?


Lord Doom used to use a little Mag/Hulk; I remember seeing some Tempest XX Gamma Crush setups that made the crush unmashable, but they don’t really help each other out very much past that. I’m sure Hulk doesn’t mind having Mag-a around…

Hopefully Lord Doom can provide some more insight for you, as I don’t use Mag at all (sworn enemy).

Depends… during the first 1/3 of the assist (roughly up until the rocks reach Doom’s waist), yes (or at least trade). If you wait much later than that, they stop him cold.

Doom sits out there a little while though, so your best bet generally is to punish him afterwards.

Incidentally, the same goes for Jugg-b, except due to the angle of the punch you have a little more time (roughly up until the rocks reach Doom’s chest).



Mag/Hulk can work. It’s a little bit difficult though. Just so you know, I can’t take credit for the Tempest/Gamma Crush combo, thats Mike Z property. :smiley: As far as I know though, Mag and Hulk don’t complement each other much more than that combo. If you do decide to play that team, I would pair them up with something that either helps Mag rushdown such as Psylocke, Cyclops, Sentinel or Doom; or something that helps the Hulk move around the screen such as Sentinel, Blackheart, or Juggernaut.