MvC2 Hitbox Viewer & Data Tool for DEmul 0.7a310715

I have updated my MvC2 tool with a hitbox viewer for MvC2 Requires CheatEngine 6.4.

Has a hitbox viewer and (hacky) framestep feature. Velocities shown are in CPS2 resolution (or as close as I can possibly get with float precision). Tested on NTSC-U MvC2. Do not rely on the framestep for turbo frame data, they will always be in normal!

Known issues:
CotA characters may have disappearing hitboxes when they are hit (notably, Magneto’s head disappears for some reason).
Inactive projectiles sometimes don’t clear (the game does not always clear the “active” flag).

If there are too many projectiles in the list, jump a few times until the list begins to clear because sparks and projectiles share the same space.

HUGE thanks goes to Jedpossum for his findings in his MvC2 deconstruction thread that aided in the creation of this script.

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this is fucken awesome bro