MvC2: How do you beat Storm-A/Sent-Y?



A relatively straight-forward question if ever I’ve seen one, can you answer it?

The general teams employed are as follows:

Now… beat them…

Strategies employed are twofold for Storm and twofold for Sentinel, depending on who is on point.


Strat 1) Run like a bitch, fly off the top of the screen, building meter the whole time and calling Sentinel regularly. Until she builds up meter.

Strat 2) Sentinel does not leave the screen, and Storm emulates the computers bitch-mode with startling accuracy. Triangle jumping, sending out horizontal typhoons, and rushing like there’s no tomorrow until she builds up meter.

Once meter is built, all bars are spent very quickly:
Call Sentinel, H.Typhoon xx Hailstorm. Repeat.


Note: Sentinel will not employ strat 1 unless Capcom is the assisting character.

Strat 1: Stomp-o-meter, calling Capcom constantly to prevent any lengthy forward motion. Unflying rapidly.

Strat 2: Keepaway/Pinning using drones, fierce punch, and rocket punch, in conjunction with Storm’s assist.

Now then, I can usually win about one match in four with the following teams.


Ken’s AAA invulnerability is a tremendous asset, though he can be horrifically punished by the hailstorms, as can Doom. And when Storm has brief periods where she must land I can employ Doom and Sakura’s overhead (which links to any of her supers if it hits) to keep her grounded and chip a little bit.

Sentinel is stopped very effectively by Sakura. Her fireball along with Ken or Doom keeps him from doing any real damage in flight, she can infinite him very easily, and her taunt stops his rocket punch in a rather humilating matter. She can also run through the hyper sentinel force with her qcf+P, but that requires a little bit of prediction because of the differences in startup time, she also must be in the air when she does it or the bottom drone hits her in the feet, which sucks.


amingo > all


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E Sak? Fuck E sak…

E Neto > E Sak

and on this thread… Storm/Sent is too good… hahah can’t beat that shit


If the next post isn’t a serious response, this thread gets closed.


try using cable AAA and doom AAA. assit doom wave dash over to the other side n’ try to keep storm pinned use dooms assit alot. as for sent use a rush down person like mag or storm then just rush down wit one of them use dooms assit when u rush down… it might work i dunno.


Okay, I’ll be blunt about this. I can’t use Cable.


At all. Whatsoever.

I can barely do two AHVBs.

Whatever the reasoning may seem to be, Cable’s out.

Any other strat that can be offered, except Sakura stays on the team. I’ve used her since I started playing this game and it’s pretty much a point of pride that she’s on my team. I’ll change Doom or Ken to just about anyone else. I can sort of use Magneto or some of the other infinite-based characters (Iron Man, War Machine) or assist-based characters (Psylocke, CapCom, Blackheart).

Even if it’s just advice on getting the most out of Ken or Doom, since I’ve noticed Tron doesn’t work as well as Ken against this team. Tron is much better when the character is on the ground more than Storm or Sent (like Cable-based teams) even so, the Tron/Doom chip is almost too good.


dude, seriously, stop playing those teams. There was a point a year ago when people can win with low tier and have pride, but now people are so good with top tier that there’s not chance. Megaman? Fuck him up with cable (learn to play cable!!!), run away with storm and throw vertical typhoons, or stomp his shit with sent). Storm/sent/capcom is the best team in the game. Unless you’re playing against a newbie scrub, sak has no chance. Ken might be able to assist you somewhat, and doom is decent. But against storm/sent/capcom, the odds are way out of your favor. Counter storm with sent/capcom or just storm. Those are even fights. But don’t stay on the ground with sent. One fuckup and it’s infinite time and she’ll dhc into sent, which will do a good 85 to 100% depending on what their sent is capable of in the corner. Infinite into launch+capcom xx hail storm does at least 70 to 85%. If you take out his storm with sent/capcom, and then when his sent comes out, you have an even fight. If you have cable on your team, cable/capcom has a 75-90% edge over sent/capcom.

Sorry, I have no tips on how to beat that team with sakura. This ain’t CvS2. Get with the program:D


have you tried capcom AAA? when storm runs away, AAA her down. if i’m not mistaken, the corridor can cancel out the drones or hit sent out if positioned right. that way, you can hit two at the same time.


I’ve already stated that I can win about one in four with Sakura/Doom/Ken and as I learn his playstyle and get better at predicting him I’m slowly closing that gap. I played him a straight six games today and won three.

Also, as I think I stated, Sakura isn’t my weakness. She does enough damage and can both ground and infinite Sentinel well enough that she’s the strongest part of my team.

I tried Blackheart in place of Ken a couple times, figuring I might be able to work some traps with Doom, but his Storm is far too manueverable to be caught by that, she’s just too fast most of the time.

However, I’ve recently been having some success with Ken against Storm one-on-one, since he tends to go on autopilot with his rushdown he’ll do a almost automatically believing the drones will cover him. Which can be punished by a Shoyureppa when blocked, and since Ken’s invulnerable for his first rotation he goes right through the drones.

Still, I need some Doom vs Storm, Doom vs Sent, or Ken vs Sent tips. I don’t want to trade off wins with this guy, I want to beat him soundly. Anyone out there able to help?