MvC2: How to keep Iron man back and avoid infinite?

I use Cable/sent/cap and have some troubles against IM players. I seem to always run away until i back up into the wall then get infinited. Very frustrating … please help.

Well if you are stuck in the corner, or end up positioning yourself there unknowingly then make use of the push block if your opponent begins to rush you down. Otherwise a hefty dose of super jumps should keep you at a safe distance from him, just make sure not to aim yourself to hit him back on the way down. You’ll either trade hits or end up losing that battle of priority, but your issue here seems to be that of safety and not of anything else.


You really shouldn’t have any trouble with Iron Man if u r playing that team, if u r getting near the corner super jump foward. Also if u choose Cammy assist she should get IM off ur back. Also Sentinel should beat Iron Man as well. Fly, unfly, c. fp, Commando, repeat. Fly mode stomp. Frying pans. Ur team shouldn’t have trouble when vs. Iron Man just gotta keep him away.

Just start with Sent and stomp on him, if he tries to do anything, blast him with Commando. If you’re having trouble fighting IM with that team, you REALLY need to rethink your gameplan.

Well said Geekboy:D

1.Uh, learn how to play Storm and run away?

  1. What GB said. Iron Man is a pretty easy fight (most characters are anyway) when you’re using a flyin’ Sentinel with a CapCom aaa at his disposal.

I hate threads when Geekboy gives advice :mad: Yea just get those matchs U should’nt lose with Sent,CapCom Vs IM ummm what assist do they use? If you keep losing to IM just get better? (i suck @ Givin advice)

Sent/Capcom isn’t a hopeless fight for Iron Man at all.

IM/Doom can really give Sent/Capcom a lot of trouble.

But if your going to start Sent, I (as a Im player) would not start IM. But use his asist on a stomping Sent and then punish his Sent for attacking.

My team…IM/sent/doom IM/storm/doom IM/sent/cable

So I would start another char. like sent, storm, or cable. And that takes away form Sents stomping method. From there all you have to do is watch for comando.

But if they do start IM, use Sent and stomp+cc. And If you get traped in the corner, just, PB into HSF(might hit asist), or counter into cable and wait for them to make a mistake or call an asist.

What I would do is call out Sent and jump and fire viper beam. Mix it up with some super jumping and grenade. Basically just keep Ironman away. If he gets close call out CapCom and super jump the hell away. If he throws out his bombs while he super jumps to trap you, super jump up and AHVB him. Forget trying to use Sent against IM, he’s a large target to get infinited on no matter how good you are at stomping and unflying, it’s only a matter of time before they get you or Pro Cannon you.

IM/Doom can do well against Cable/Capcom too.

Just make sure to be careful when calling Doom. Only use him when you’re up in Cable’s face. That way if he calls Capcom, the rocks will stuff him, and they’ll hold Cable in place, allowing you to get some rushdown in, and hopefully land the infinite.

You also need to know how to wavedash.

The thing is, if youre running cable first, you will probably lose to IM, assuming you arent a lot better than your opponent. So like other people say, just start Sent first. But thats not really helping you much, is it? :slight_smile:
Lets say you run cable first. Try not to jump + FP a low, because IM can dash underneath, and land an easy infinite. Try to superjump, and when you land, call commando so you wont get rushed down. Also, if you find yourself getting too close to the corner, superjump forward. If you end up in the corner, its a lot easier to get rushed down (obvious). And try Tiger-Kneeing his grenades. Its a safe way to attack, because if IM gets near you, you should be able to recover and block before he infinitizes you. If worse comes to worse, DHC into Sent, and continue from there.

how the hell can you avoid being guard broken is what i wanna know.

I think you have to be japanese.

hahahaha :stuck_out_tongue: too good
unfortunately they came up with that unescapable gb shit that’s on all the jap ironman vs ironman vids… so i guess being japanese doesn’t help either :slight_smile:

if the other guy is doing the normal j.hp, land, infinite gb, then just pb the j.hp. what you do from there depends on what characters you have. if you have a character with an instant startup air super e.g. mags or sent, pb and do the super the moment u come out of blockstun. chances are the im player will jump up automatically to continue the infinite and they’ll get hit. u could also try just pb and then not doing anything, but that’s kind of risky cos you get guard broken when you come out of blockstun if the ironman player notices that you pbed and adapts

of course, the much easier and much more scrubby but sometimes effective way is : block the hp, then mash like a fucking dick hoping to either spam some normal which just happens to outprioritise ironman’s j.jab or shake the machine so much that you mess up his timing :lol:

What kind of logic is this?!

and what if the iron man player is very skilled??? your reasoning is hillarious.


What you said still makes no sense at all.

If the Iron Man player is skilled, then he can take down Mag, Storm, Cable, or Sentinel.

He goes even with Storm and Cable, is at a slight disadvantage against Mag, and has his work cut out for him against Sentinel(but who doesn’t).

By no means does he just die outright.

Ok first of all you can not escape a GB. There are some unbeatable GBs.

And IM is one of the best players in the game(if he was faster he would own everyone IMO). You cant run from him, rush him, chip him or anything else. He’s just like mags and storm but lower and can fly better.

So your saying IM cant beat your first char.? Then that means everyone below IM in the teir standings will never win a match?

Trust n8 and Nas(caughandmecaugh). They know what their talking about.