MVC2 : HSF properties VS VB?

I still don’t get it, sometimes VBs goes through HSF and cable can block at the end, but sometimes he gets hit. Can anybody explain what are the HSF properties VS VBs ?

PS : I’m talking about VB (lp or hp Viper Beam), not ahvb :slight_smile:

I believe VB can nullify drones. The drones don’t blow up or go away but they no longer hit anything else. So as long as the situation is right, Cable won’t get hit.

Bottom line, if anything touches a drone (be it from a viper beam, and assist character getting hit, etc). the drone will be nullified. So, you’ve called an assist (let’s say… Iron Man), and Sentinel does an HSF. Iron Man gets nailed by the first set drones, nullifying them, letting Cable start up his VB. So, the first set of drones whizz past Cable, but since they’ve been nullified, Cable has time to start his VB. By the time he starts it up, the second set of drones are on their way. By the time they reach him, Cable has already VB’d those drones, and thus they are nullified and don’t do anything to him. Same thing happens with the third set.

Cable owns Sentinel :smiley:

tooshay! and insted of doin viper beam cant you do ahvb or does it cause some special effect but I don’t think so

I wonder what the exact properties of the hsf are.

Like how to escape when somone is beating the hell out of your assist?

I read that when somone puts somthing in the way of a drone, it’s nullified, so what happens when somone c.fp,rp,XXhsf? can you guard cancel to escape that? or can you jump out at a specific point? i’m sorry man, but i have no fukin idea:lol:

oh I see, so cable’s assist has to be out first before he can VB sentinel. Thanks for clearifying that.

Mixup :
I’m not 100% sure, I think you have to block low and then sj right after sentinel does a cr. or s. hp, because the lazer does only one hit, so it will only hit your assist alowing you to sj. So as soon as you see a hp, sj right after it, before the rp comes out.
Mvc2 is so weird :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t SJ between HP and Rocket Punch. They connect together in blockstun. You CAN duck the RP with some characters and SJ out before the first wave of HSF, though.

EDIT: never mind, you’re talking about when the HP hits the assist. Not sure about that.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I and mixup were talking about.

I’m sorry, actually what I have posted works only when sentinel does a s.hp, not a cr.hp because your main character can dodge it. So if sentinel does a cr.hp, your best bet is to sj between the rp and hsf.

Hey people…i have such problem too~
for instance,what if i jump back and VB with let’s say hp cuz it’s longer…and Sent does HSF
cause my vb is longer…so does that means i can nullified?
but the problem is…i sometimes get hit too~
lastly…what if i do a lp version of vb?
does that means i will get hit no matter what?
cause i may only probably nullified the first or the scond set of drones~

Just something to know:

If Sent ever does just a fierce or a c. fierce, Cable can hit him after it whether he gets hit or not.

Credit due to one of the Jap MVC2 players.

After a drone hits something, it doesn’t hit anything more…which is why if you have an assist character in front of Cable, the drones will hit the assist, and Cable can AHVB.