MvC2: I need help with air combos with these 2 characters


I started using 2 very under-used characters lately. B.B Hood and Marrow. I just want to learn how to do the double jump air combos.

B.B.Hood-> The computer does her double jump air combo once in a while, but it messes up in actually finishing it. What are the button inputs and the timing required to learn this one? Also, how do you set up her missile infinite on the ground?

Marrow-> 2 problems
1)Her QCB+PP super seems to connect randomly in air combos. Is there a specific timing for cancelling into this super?
2)How do you do her double jump air combo?

I just need help with those 2 characters. thanks! And yes! I’ve checked gamefaqs and i didnt see anything about no double jump air combos.


B.B Hood:

Might as well check there. Next time, check up on the main forum page and see if there’s a sub forum for the game you have in mind or not. :smile:


stop making threads.


Why would you wanna learn these combos? You’ll never make it to EVO.

Wait, it says “combomaster” under your name…


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Man we need to sticky the whole MVC2 section once the re-release drops. Otherwise threads like this will repeat ad nauseam


Yeah I’m betting we’ll have a flood of MVC2 related combo threads and video threads like the SF4 section.


MvC2 shouldn’t be stickied, it’s not good enough a game.



Oh I’m sorry, I’m allergic to bullshit. What were you saying again?


dont tell me what to do


do you all take names literally here? i was feeling kinda down when I made that post, just forget it even exists. Geez you people take things way too seriously.


Just go to the relevant section and have a look buddy, and don’t get upset. Posting in the wrong place inappropriately is always going to get you flamed, just deal with it


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If you’re playing with those two characters you don’t need combos, you need Jesus.

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wave dash with them instead of comboing


Its a FIGHTING GAME DISCUSSION. Why the hell would I be in the wrong place? is this not a fighting game website/forum? If i was posting this in a “CAFE” forum section I would understand, but it specifically says “FIGHTING GAME DISCUSSION”. I dont see how I am in the wrong place for this.


Because there is a whole general strategy section for MVC2 and a separate section for each character you turd!


Umm, did you even bother checking the links on my earlier post?