MvC2: Iceman

ice man inf. anyone???

my friend told me that there is and ice man inf. how is it done? is there a vid i can dl to see how its done? explain…


look at joo vol6 video. he does iceman ground infinite. he uses down cancelling to do it. s.short,s.fierce,down cancel(tap down),dash forward,s.short,s.fierce,down cancel, dash forward. repeat. you gotta have good timing to do it tho. down cancelling cancels some of the recovery frames to allow larger combos. only some attacks in mvc2 can be down cancelled i believe. like silver samurai had a down cancel infinite fierce,down,fierce,down,fierce,down…

Actually, I think Joo used the infamous “suki cancel” to perform that iceman ground infinite in vol.6.

So how is this down cancel done i’ve seen a jin noo vid where they did it with the iron man and withmagneto

I couldn’t do it when i tried it. I just try tapping down in middle of the snimation to cancel it, but i’ve never read a good explanation of it b4.

Could anyone explain it a little more clearly? it’s very interesting.

isnt suki canceling , canceling a normal into a normal, so iceman would be able to dash only do another normal. but crouch canceling allows iceman to cancel a normal into whatever else.

I THINK its suki cancelling. I don’t think that Iceman’s moves can be crouch cancelled. Almost no move can anyway. Is there even such a technique…? Suki cancelling takes away the lag from the move. So yes. I believe Iceman can dash after the suki cancel to continue the combo. He’s not limited to only normal moves. Think Sj cancelling baiting. You cancel your normal’s lag with a sj XX block. You can do anything after that. Not only another normal. I’m no expert on suki cancelling so don’t take me too seriously anyway. :slight_smile:

its suki. The only thing that is down cancel are SiverSam’s HP in MvC2, and Wolverine’s mp in passed games. Suki is just canceling normal in superjump when hit, but if you get something to block (like the frozen blade in guile’s glitch)when you superjump back, you will still be on the ground. After you cancle you normal move, you could do anything you wan’t beside moving back.

KKCapcom2 I think you’re mixing suki-cancels up with sj-cancels. What you described is sj-cancelling. Suki-cancelling is another thing entirely. You only need the block to activate it. I don’t think I can explain it well enough cause I don’t know enough bout it. Let’s hope some suki-cancel guru comes in here… I have a feeling Japan is still keeping some stuff though. Doesn’t seem like they revealed everything about suki-cancels… :smiley:

we should send someone to Japan to find out…

suki cancelling…you can do a normal move then cancel into another normal, and from that normal, you can cancel (get the point)

to activate suki cancelling you must go OVER or UNDER the opponent while blocking. in the air, you must be in block animation. if you roll under, you just must block WHILE they attack. once you have done one of the two you are in the suki or guard cancel mode.

while in this mode you execute a normal, then press back which will cancel the normal, then execute the normal again.

not too affective in my opinion. but i GUESS i could see some possibilities with it. i just don’t know how the jap claim this is their secret weapon against USA players. suki cancelling infinites are only on the ground right?

hope this helped

seems to me it is indeed suki-cancelling… take a look at the combo vid again… (i love the music in it!!) if u look carefully, you can see in between iceman’s s.fp and dashing a BLOCK ANIMATION for a split second… and if my memory serves me right, suki-cancelling involves blocking

joo or yuta or whoever did the combo prolly activated the suki before the actual combo itself, which is why we didn’t get a chance to see iceman block while going over or under the other character, like 50morecentz was saying

my 2 cents…

he’s right. here’s a screenshot i took of the vid at the exact moment.

have any of u got suki cancel to work on the us version? all the vids i see its the jap. version , i have tried and cant get it to work.

Also , i always thought when they get popped up from being dizzy, the combo ends, yet in the vid, they combo after it. maybe works only in the japanese version?

That’s an interesting idea taiji. I wonder if Capcom worked out some of the glitches before bringing the game out here. Ya think?

US version has all the same shit as japan mvc2. remember, mvc2 was released just a couple weeks after japanese release. that definitely isnt enough time to fix stuff. there is,however, a very poorly distributed arcade upgrade where things are fixed, like juggernauts power up glitch. but its a rare board. one arcade by me has it. damage scaling seems different too

Actually, the US DC version didn’t come out untill late June (2000), but if your refering to the arcade version, i’m not sure. We didn’t get it over here untill early May (of 2000), not sure about you guys and your arcades. I know a lot of the Golfland places in Cali. and stuff got it earlier. I think Capcom had plenty of time to fix some stuff in the game before it’s DC release here. I know that the US arcade version has glitches in it that don’t work on the DC, like Guile’s blade lock glitch, which only works on US arcade machines. Who knows what Capcom did in those few months in between.

MVC2: The Iceman Thread

I’m thinking about playing Iceman. The big four get boring sometimes and I need a break. I know he’s great at chipping and basic stuff like that but it would be nice if any Iceman players could post some good teams, combos, strats, etc. Let’s get this thread started.

I remember one thing I used to do to increase hits on his air combo is doing: launch, jab, short, jab, short, jab icebeam immediately canceled into arctic attack. Cancelling the jab ice beam holds them in the arctic attack more for more hits.

PS: If Geekboy finds this it is going to be raped like his first sex victim.

Thanks for the combo but what did you mean about Geekboy raping this? Bashing Iceman or closing it? There’s no other Iceman thread(that i know of) and i checked the sticky and searched…:confused:

I don’t know either but lets keep this going at least. Well as for stuff to do w/ “winning” w/ ice man well I think you should try to get to know your opponents Jumping Pattern thats really important. If you know it you be like “psychic” cuz you can be at full screen and throw lp IB (Ice Beams) then keep doing them till you feel there going to jump up and then do the hp IB. Well now if there rushing you down call an assist or try to do hk or cr. hk they have very low amounts of start of frames. Also try to use those big balls of ice he drops cuz they cover a big part of the screen. They are useful for certain things like killing specials that are lower than he is. And like someone said earlier when you do his air combo do the ice beam XX to artic attack[you should do it so fast that you think you meesed up!!] well then it should do a lot of hits. Well I have an idea on fighting cable just let the time run out cuz almost everything he does is a beam or something that ice man can block w/o having to take damage. I’m not sure about that idea but whtevr someone will prolly correct me. Well hmm I think thats all that I know hope tht helps. Sorry if thats hard to read.