MvC2:IronMan Infinite: Falls out


So I’m trying to learn the IronMan infinite of lp,mp,lk,u+hp. I’ve been practicing on Cable and Magneto. After the 3rd set, it seems the mp or lk will wiffs and have them fall out of the combo. When I do the combo I keep the stick in the u.f position all the time is this part of the reason or do I just not have the rhythm yet?

( I setup it up with Psy assist or jump u+hk)


you dont have the rhythm down yet

you can hold up forward the entire time during the infinite.


Damnit I was hoping I just had to change my execution T_T

ty for the response.


You also want to switch the lp lk mp u+hp to lk mp mk u+hp when they get too low.

The rhythm isn’t the same for every character either.