MVC2 Japan Scene

Just curious if anyone out there knows if Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was ever a big game in Japan. I could be wrong but to my knowledge they never played that game at an SBO, every year at EVO its all American players in the finals, and 90% of the MVC2 matches found on Youtube are American players playing. I’'m under the impression that if it was a popular game its popularity didn’t last more than a year or two after its release whereas the MVC2 scene in America shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Here its got so much hype, intense rivalries, and great players. Love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

Marvel isn’t that big in Japan, so I’m guessing that’s the reason Marvel Vs. Capcom isn’t that big as a whole in Japan. That’s just my guess anyway.

The same reason bidets never got big in America.

I’m not expert and I could be wrong, but it was definitely played there when it first came out. In fact, a lot of tricks and combos were discovered by Japanese players. I think there may be a handful of dedicated Japanese players (Mitsu, Takayuki, Joo, etc.) still around. But overall, they (the small number who actually played it even among Japanese players) stopped playing it shortly after its release.

Somebody else can probably expand on or correct what I’ve said.

It was never big in Japan. Well, maybe for like the first year but not BIG BIG like 3s still is or like T6BR over there. Right now I do know that TvC is not played AT ALL over in Japan. An arcade supplier that I do a lot of business with said his friend that owns an arcade in Japan sold his TvC board after 2 weeks because on the second week when he went to collect money from the game he took the coin box out and there was not even one yen inside. He said people are too busy right now playing SF4 and loving it. Yeah, there were some good people from Japan that came down for MvC2 but only good in the sense that they could get out of their pools then beat like 1 or 2 people. Marvel seems to be on life support down in SoCal. I don’t see many people playing it and I know that the EC crowd has died as well. Well, I’m rambling but in conclusion, it doesn’t seem like the VS series ever was that popular in Japan. I believe that MvC was the most popular out of all of them.

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my guess is because is marvel american comics

if it were kodansha vs capcom or shonen magazine vs capcom it will be another story

Well, what’s the numbers on TvC over there?

japanese are butthurt over americas dominance in the vs series

Its gotta be right place and right time… just like guns and roses.

Same reason why Hokuto never caught on here, but Marvel caught on here. Think about it.

this reply will from this point further be considered a troll

Before this huge argument starts again, here are reasons why MvC2 JP players "don’t exist"
1- Most of the Capcom side were effectively made useless in this game compared to the previous ones.
2- It wasn’t exactly highly distributed, IIRC.
3- The home version required both online and arcade assistance in order to unlock everyone, forcing legit players out for a while due to the huge hassle.
4- Remember when MvC2 came out and what ELSE was out at the same time.
5- Compared to the other vs games, there are only a few that moved on to MvC2 and stuck with it. THESE guys still play now even if they don’t travel for EVO.