MvC2 Japan Tokyo 5/8,9 result


5/8 Shinjyuku Nishisupo 13people

1st Esper(mag/cable/sent)
2nd Hayato(storm/cable/CC)
3rd Ind(cammy/storm/akuma)

5/9 Okubo alphastation 17people

1st Takayuki(mag/cable/sent,storm/sent/cycrops)
2nd Mitsu(Ironman/storm/cable)
3rd Liquid Metal(storm/sent/CC)


** Good job Takayuki!**

** How’d you do Nagata?**


Nagata, u should at least post top 5-7 rather than just top 3.


hey thanks for posting these tokyo results now, its really interesting to see where the scene there is headed. its also cool because more vids of you guys are surfacing, so please keep em coming.:slight_smile:

i think i heard somewhere that a top mvc2 player was supposed to attend evo with chikyuu(my new mvc2 buddy!). any confirmation?anyone?


Okubo alphastation

4th TunTun(storm/sent/CC)
5th Esper(mag/cable/sent)
5th Hayato(storm/cable/CC)
5th Mithutaka(storm/sent/cammy) he got 4th at Nishisupo too.
5th Onimusya(mag/storm/sent)

At nishisopo, my first opponent was Esper. And I lost.

At Okubo tornament, we have 2 part.
At first part, we make 4 group. And each have 1 match with all playres in his group. I lost at first part.

I’m happy to see your post. And I don’t know about chikyuu well. I think most of Japanese mvc2 playre don’t go to evo.