Okay, Jill is aw3som3. Maybe not top tier potential, but she’s still pretty derned good. Does anybody else play her?

Anyway, a couple of things about her:
-If OTG’s are ghetto, then Jill is a Project Nympho! She gotz CrAzY OtG combos.

-lk.zombie is too good . . . it’s like Anti-roll,+ You cant mash out of it.

-bird guard breaks

-comboable supers (yes even the freddie krueger super)

  • wish her Hyper Charging Star knockoff had the same properties, but it dont . . . aww poo

-above average defense

-okay speed

-she does good damage

Some combos:
-lp, mp, hp, qcf+p

-lp, mp, hp XX qcf+pp

-lp,mp XX qcf+kk,, XX qcf+pp,,, XX qcf+pp,,, XX qcf+kk,,,, c.hp ^ into Air Combo

THE Air Combo is lp,lk,lp,lk,qcf+p xx qcf+pp

Iron Man[a]
lp, mp+assist, hp xx Freddie Krueger , dash in, c.hp ^ into Air Combo

Cammy[a],,, assist hits:1.Launch into Air Combo or 2. Freddie Kreuger

Tron[y],,, assist hits:1. See cammy 2. See cammy 3. qcf+pp

I think thats it for now…


If you think they’re gonna roll…lk zombie. There’s no escape. If they dont, I usually jump back and hk the zombie in the head to knock it into them, b/c they’re usually dashing at me cause I didnt follow up the otg [lk knocks it down, hk knocks it away a bit]. Oh yeah, and Juggz ground and other assist dont snuff a grounded zombie, only time does. And that bitch holds em for a long ass time. One time I called one and super jumped, and still landed in time to combo that azz!!! and for experts who’re used to rolling (Unlike me, Im still a young grasshoppa) One time I was playin this man at the arcade and I got him with, lk zombie, dash over [s.lp,, lk zombie, dash over] X 4!!! He kept rolling… LoLz


this “freddy” guy ur talking about is named Tyrant…
some Jill fan u are:p


I only like her in this game, cuz I never played RE 1 or 3, and in RE 2, Tyrant was a a Trenchcoat Mafia buff, so I wouldnt know…and besides, that thing looks more like freddy krueger than Tyrant anyway…


It would have been cool if NEMESIS was added to this game. In RE 3 He was cool.

I think Jill can be real annoying if explored deeply. Unfortunately I don’t know much about her. Just make sure one of your other characters [hopefully 2] have the ability to bring someone down that can hide in the rafters or you’re screwed. Does she have any instant startup supers for frame cancell purposes?


you people do know that you can charge her power rush right if youknow that you can kill a whole character at one time just charge it and run like a motherfucker then after about 80 sec. slide and let go and you’ll like 50 hits and if you cancel into power rush super at the last hit and mash you should kill all the character


True, but it’s kinda impractical. You lose alot of combo potential [no launch capability] and if someone faster gives chase properly or locks you down, this isn’t good. Sucks to be you if you eat this kinda thing though :smiley:


Nobody is talking about Jill’s potential trap/lockdown techniques. Most (if not all) Jill players that I’ve seen have had this tendency to play her as if she’s 100% rushdown, which she isn’t. There’s two aspects to Jill…rushdown and trap/lockdown. I would recommend playing her 50/50. Anyway, her built-in assists can be pretty useful. The only thing you need to do is learn the properties and what patterns work as opposed to those that don’t. I really like teaming Jill up with Sentinel/Commando because you can produce some annoying traps/lockdowns with that team.

For example:

  1. Sentinel drones/flaming zombie/slight pause/Commando AAA/crow/slight pause/Sentinel drones/dog/slight pause/Commando AAA/crow

  2. Sentinel drones/flaming zombie/dog/Commando AAA/crow

  3. dog/flaming zombie/Commando AAA/crow

  4. dog/crow/zombie/slight pause/commando/grenade launcher (time grenade so that it lands in front of them or on top of them – preventing them from jumping)/Sentinel drones/dog/crow/flaming zombie/Commando AAA/grenade launcher

Try these patterns out for yourself and see what they can do. I’ve heard some things about Jill/Tron and how you can practically shut down Magnetos, but I have yet to see it for myself.