MvC2:Justin Wong's team

Would anyone happen to know what team Justin Wong uses? Thanks in advance.

mostly he sticks to:

mags first (a) then cable (b) and sent (a).
im assusming thats his business team… also he uses storm but not too often that i’ve seen. sent uis usually his third char but i have many tourny matches where he uses a varied assist instead like cammy and cyke. not too much capcom and psy.

He uses a few various teams but his old business team was Magneto [A]| Cable **| Cammy [A] and his new team was Storm [A]| Sentinel [Y]| Cammy [A]. I don’t know if he still uses them or not because he has switched up on them from time to time with others like Team Rowtron (Mag/Cable/Sent) Cable/Storm/Cyclops and different AAA’s like Cyclops with his Storm/Sent team.

go to there is the midwest chalenge 6 match vids, most of them are mags, cable and sent. theres one of his iron man in their too.

Jwong teams from the major tourneys.

ECC6: Mag/cable/cammy vs Ricky Ortiz (spiral/cable/sent, cable/storm/psylocke) in finals

MWC5: Mag/cable/cammy vs Alex valle (bh/sent/commando, strider/doom/ken) in finals. Also used mag/storm/psylocke, blackheart/sent/commando.

b5: mag/cable/cammy and storm/sent/cammy (Took the storm/sent DHC idea from Viscant from MWC5 and developed a new team) vs Duc do (spiral/cable/cyclops, spiral/cable/sent) in finals. Also used Storm/cable/cammy

ecc7: cable/storm/cyclops and storm/sent/cammy vs Rodolfo castro (mag/cable/sent) in finals. Also used mag/cable/cyclops.

mwc6: storm/sent/cammy and ironman/sent/tbonne and mag/cable/sentinel (he picked this team up from Rowtron (finalist from ecc7) vs Sin (sent/cable/commando) in finals.

EVO: storm/sent/cyclops vs rodolfo (storm/sent/commando) in finals. Also used mag/cable/sent, mag/storm/psylocke

Post Evo: Mag/storm/psylocke, cable/sent/commando, storm/sent/commando, mag/storm/commando, mag/storm/doom, mag/cable/doom, mag/cable/sent, marrow/guile/tron

fuck all those teams mag/cable/doom and mag/storm/doom are the latest in marvel technology…


yup cable doom is having a renaissance you can say and i also like those teams.:slight_smile:

Justin Wong

I am not that big into the gaming scene, but I’ve played some decent folk at my local arcade. I watched vids of justin wong and I ain’t that impressed with what i saw. It’s pretty simple, put cable against his cable and risk getting AHVBed to get that one extra fierce in. Thats what screwed a lot of guys up in the videos I saw.


if all it took to beat justin wong was cable… it would have been done by now. Justin wong has been on a winning streak for like 2 years now.

Justin Wong

You aren’t impressed with what you saw, because you wanna see some DJ B13 exhibition where he is all eye candy. Justin plays smart. He catches onto playing styles quickly. I use to go around and watch videos of people playing magneto crazy as hell. Then I watch a Justin wong video, and im like “WTF, this is boring”. But then I watch tons of his videos, seen him taped live and such, and now im very impressed. He plays calm, doesn’t stress, and he plays smart. He doesn’t do infinites, and think about it. Whats good about infinites?? You see people do them to impress, but they don’t do shit unless you use them to get someone i a corner to do massive damage (Ironman).

And justins current team is Mag/Cable/Doom.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

yes this is the perfect summary of justin. that is what he does.

he blocks EVERYTHING you throw at him. and does only the combos that hurt.

Re: Justin Wong

Umm… your wrong on the part that Magento infinites aren’t just for show and massive damage. It’s to build mad meter.


Someone told me infintes were for these things

-a reference point , leading to a crossup or throw or special,etc.

-mad damage if you are cool enough to do it for 40 hits (I heard you can sj.throw after they dizzy if you are in the corner too)



-another part of the equation

i haven’t seen it a bunch but you can use infinites to stall as well if you feel like it.

mmm…Infinites… i love them… they prove your “power” in the game… who wants to play “smart”… (boring) i want to get fun…

they are very awesome…but i only use them vs boring opponents… (cable, sentinel, commando)…yeah…playing smart… WTF…

the cable style --> jumping back while defending or using the gun…damn… boring…waiting just for a little mistake for do the 5 hyper viper’s…shit…

The sentinel style --> flying around while commando’s assist make the job… then…a little mistake… and the 5 supers… Drones --> s.punch --> rocket punch --> drones… (sucks)

i prefer my team… Magneto (awesome combos), Cammy (high speed, power combos), storm or psylocke


I can tell u dont win a lot. U think its boring how justin wong plays??? Id like 2 c u beat him. Playin smart is what makes u win all that flashy infinit crap is good for sumthings but it doesnt win matches for u.

well… yeah… i’m not trying to tell that i’m the best player in ta world…but… i play very well… i’m just expressing my opinion about that way of playing… dats allz

I don’t know about now, but at ECC8, it was Storm/Sent/Cyclops against Wigfall in the finals. Wigfall tried MSP, Mag/Storm/Sent, Row, and Scrub, and beat him once. Maybe twice. I forgot.

Besides, it wouldn’t matter THAT much knowing what team he uses. Sure, you could try to counter his team, but he(just as any player should) would probably counter YOU(not just your team) right in the middle of your first match against him. If not the first match, then the second. That’s why he wins tourneys.

Know the aspects of the game… Rushdown, Lockdown, Blocking, Turtling(not the same), Runaway, etc., and use what is most effective at the most effective time. That’s what someone told me.

Just block and be patient:lol:

ok lemme try to explain this to you “at my local arcade we do this…” people. When you are at your arcade, you usually arent participating in a tournament for money, are you? so the most you have to lose by being flashy is a quarter…so you aim to impress, doing cool combos, psyching the other player out by flashy moves and shit, and just running in there and putting the pressure on them…


justin plays for money, in tournaments for many if not all of the videos you have seen of him…if money was riding on a match, you too would be hella careful and only do the combos you knew would net you massive damage…what you call boring he calls a wise choice based on the fact that doing kah-ray-zee combos can get you props but not always the win.