MvC2 Kansas City 9/28 Results

1 Taz (Arcade Man)
2 Adrian (LightningStorm)
3 Stephen (Halfzware)
4 Jake (Toi_Yet)
5 Chaz (The_Beast)
5 Justin (HailStorm)
7 Josh (Ouchie Maker)
7 Cory - from St Joe
9 Alex - from St Joe
9 Aaron - from St Joe
9 Brandon (Senseless)
9 Adam (Viper X)
13 Eric (Reverend/Pops)
13 Ami (SG_Ami)
13 Nick (Tasteless)
13 Kevin - Metro North’s Best from KC
17 Neil - Oak Park KC
17 Bryce - Metro North - KC
17 Mark - St. Joe
17 Jason - Metro North - KC
17 Jeremy - St. Joe
17 Victor (KC_Player)
17 Dan - St. Joe
17 Hoc - Metro North - KC
25 Triet - Metro North

For a full break down of teams and how each match turned out click the link below:

2 out of 5 aint bad. Congrats everyone! Sorry I couldn’t make it to rape some of you. :evil: Guess it’ll have to wait 'til Joplin. Adios!

-Daniel G.

nice job taz, funny teams though. I think marrow/wolve/tron is the best :o

Cammy,Cable Psylocke. Another team of entire anti-air. Don’t understand ,but oh well…TOASTY!!!:smiley:

Good job Taz.:cool: That’s the way you represent the (EMS) crew and the south.:cool:

Congrats Taz!!!

Be prepared for the beatdown when you get here. Team SkillMatic owns you Eu…I mean Taz haha just kidding. See you when you get here.


I had to take it easy on the newbies of the game, so I just picked ANKR/DLSM/JUGG for the hell of it. Show people some new stuff, infinite with ANKR/DLSM, DLSM/JUGG combos, ya know, show off stuff.

thanx to all for the congrats and shout outs.

I would have road with you if you had told me you were going,
I had the whole day off…But I guess I didn’t realize the gravity
of the situation that time!!:cool:


I need to show off some Iron Man launcher juggles, just 'cause I have a couple. They work better on Juggs and Sent, but with a little polish I’m sure I can get 'em to work on Cable (for some odd reason, I get infinites off on Strider easier than on Cable!). Anywho…I await our next matchup!

damn, free money is nice.