(MVC2) Khaos Vs Sanford at Final Round


The people that watched Li Joe’s stream should already know about this, basically there is this guy named Khaos who says he is the best MVC2 player in the world right now and wants to money match Sanford at Final Round. Can anybody go more into Detail?


What details do you want? Terms of the money match? The background of both players? If you just saw this recently, there probably are no details to go into.


Basically I want to know how mutch they are playing for and who this Khaos guy is? If this actually is going down than I think it would be pretty hype to be honest. I always like seeing new people talk shit about the OG’s.


Mike Khaos isn’t a new player. He’s as OG as Sanford at MVC2. There are no notable new players that still play MVC3 except Neo, and I’m not sure if he’s still actively playing the game.

I’m assuming that since Mike Khaos has consistently played MVC2, and only MVC2, that he thinks that he can beat Sanford, who probably hasn’t touched the game as much. It’s another WC v. EC thing. It’s still going to be more hype than your average UMVC3 game.


this shit is ass

I’m the best player when the best retires and no one gives a shit about mvc2 anymore. Really feels grimey. Why not challenge sanford before 2k10? why wait till the game is so dead, all the legends have lost their touch?


Khaos came the closest to beating Neo in a high stakes MM (next to clockw0rk). Khaos took 11 games when everyone else was taking 3-8


since a majority of big names moved onto 3, khaos stayed with 2 and is the best person left. According to Khaos (he can come correct me if I am wrong) he was at EVO 2012 when fugee told him that Sanford was playing MvC2 again and planning to take Khaos on in a MM.

that’s pretty much the details of it at this point unless theres more that I know about (which is probably the case)


Out of curiosity is that you in your DP?


Its being discussed in this thread.


not anymore


That thread was hype as hell! When is Final Round or when are they gonna do this MM? Thread kinda of got derailed talking about Yipes, etc and then lead to being closed.


Please don’t confuse me with Mike Chaos. We are two totally different individuals.


Warning: knowledge is going to be dropped.

I’d like to clear up the notion that Khaos walks around proclaiming that he’s the best, because he doesn’t. That is not a fitting image, as that is not the type of guy he is. He’s pretty chill.

Again. Khaos isn’t talking shit about other players. In fact, he gives them much respect. The day before the Wong MM was supposed to happen, he was telling me that he needed to be on point, because this may be one of the hardest MM’s he’s ever had.

Khaos started in 2009 (IIRC). It would be silly to challenge the greats, while you’re still learning the game. The present is now, and that’s the only time we can do things with. Why NOT challenge people now? We can’t go to the past.


So is this match gonna happen yes/no ?


Khaos said he’ll attend Final Round and Kelly will show up at Final Round. However, we’re waiting for a word from Shin Blanka to make this a main event at Final Round XVI


Good stuff hope it happens :slight_smile:


im gonna go to final round and body both of them :coffee:


why wait till final round? there are random major tourneys before next spring…

by then sanford might stop playing video games lol


sanford with 7 months to get ready :slight_smile:


Khaos did NOT start in 2009…

2009 is when mvc2 dropped on next gen consoles (360/ps3) He was playing way before that. I definitely recalled playing with him at FFA and Regency before I graduated college which was pre 2007.


there are some khaos vs clockw0rk pre 2k9 on youtube iirc

he’s been playing a lot longer than 2k9…