MVC2 leaderboards....

ok wtf:wtf: is going on with this leaderboad?! am here looking at the guy on top and he has 536,870,912 rating points!!:wtf: wth!? there has to be glitch in the matrix!!
when the other top guys have close to 5000. something is just not right here?:wtf::wtf:

lol whoever runs into him and beats him is gonna be godlike

They took ol’ dude off the list. I was surprised that happen. We all know that Capcom/XBOX take care of their leaderboards.

when scrubs rage quit does that give you a loss as well?

yep, shit is so gay, capcom needs to patch/update mvc2 quick.

no wonder I’m way down in the leaderboards, cuz of all the rage quitting scrubs

For some reason I have trillions of rating points and am down at the bottom of the leaderboard.

I’m only batting a little better than .500, so there’s no way that’s right.

Oh well, it will get patched when it gets patched.

Sounds like more Backbone fail to me.

I was at the top of the leaderboards for the week (drjoeyhernandez) with 35-0 then a few people ragequit on me, and I go back later to check the stats and the shit says i have like 20+ losses and shit when i wasnt even playin.

The fucking leaderboard shit is all fucked up.

what is the ratings based on? Because it doesn’t seem to be based off wins (entirely)

Everyone has a personal rating. When you beat someone, depending on THEIR rating, you gain rating. If you beat someone whos actual rating is much higher than yours, you gain more rating. If you beat someone whos actual rating is lower than yours, you will hardly gain any rating. The way matchmaking works is, if you win many games in a row your Match-Making Rating(MMR) goes up, so you start to play higher rated players to gain more rating from wins. So basically if you want to rank up faster, you need to get on a hot streak and beat the higher rated players when you get matched with them.


yea buckethead was top on leadorboards, but thanks for the info i didn’t know if someone rage quits it gives you a lose as well that is stupid

i don’t know about the rating system i took out just about all top 10 rated players and my rank don’t do jack :sad:

system is jacked!

infact when i don’t play for awhile, couple of hours, come back and check my rating, shitt has actually gone up in pts. wtf … … is going on!

You think that’s weird, check my ranking. Dios-X messaged me about it so I checked.

I went from #5 or #6 to $92,000 with -123984723094823709 points. LOL, how did that happen?

–Jay Snyder


whats a “rage quit”?

well the highest ranked when i first played on the 1st week was #150. then i started to play pretty dumb and got droped to #249 and been stuck in that area for a few weeks but now am suddenly #13!! lol wtf? lol not that am complaining how did this happen?

if they have more life than you, yes, it will be a lose.

Bitches quitting when they’re getting bodied.