MVC2 Lifespan?


I’m not a wonderful MVC2 player, but lately I’ve been really getting into it.

What I’m basically asking is, is there any point in me putting in the effort to get really good at the game? Or will it be dead by the time I can do jack in a tournament?


people still play super grandpa fighter II turbo so you’re good


The best game ever is here to stay.

If you like it, play it.

Storm/Sentinel/Commando is mad easy to pick up.


I still love this game. Best ever IMO (Game of Champions!).

Keep playing I say, I’m not stopping any time soon. I am even teaching new people this game now and it’s still exciting. There has never been any game with this dynamic in the gaming community EVER imo. Lets keep it going!


word. Low tier hasn’t even come into its own yet, and that’s a whole new mango to dice.


lol mango to dice

yeah, I’m playing this game 'till I die.


I just got into this game. It would be a shame to have the competition die before I came into my own.


marvel is the one game I have never gotten sick of.


I just asked the same question about CvS2 last week.


new school kids keep picking the game up

making up new stuff

how can it die?

imagine if the top tier players quit, then everyone else would just go for that top spot:rofl:

it’s not going anywhere soon, people are playing it at it’s highest level so far recently.


Can’t… quit… Marvel… ever…

This game is still the best fighting game there is. I like new games a lot more than old games but Marvel is just that great. SF4 already got boring, was going to play a lot more but ended up playing Marvel instead.


There’s a chance we’ll see Marvel released as an Xbox Original for Xbox Live and on the PSN (in whatever format they release their older titles), though I hope that’s more than just wishful thinking; Capcom would have to wade through a quagmire of copyright issues, unless they’ve already done so behind closed doors. This would serve to expand the player base, though expand it for the better is another issue entirely. For those who may not know, the game was listed on the ESRB’s website under Xbox 360 and PS3, and once this little tidbit of information became widely circulated, the title was quickly pulled from the page. Maybe there’s hope after all?


And it never will.


lol yeah you have a good point. ROM/LAXXLS/FF/TK HVB ftw always

yeah man this game is a lifestyle. i practice like a celebate preist and I still feel like a newb. I’ve gotten seriously into the game 2 years ago. I still practice basics and seek out stronger players. This game ain’t going nowhere. I don’t even think the creators knew what they were doing when they put this game together. The other day at the arcade i saw some business men in suits playing Marvel. its that serious.

plus the human tiers are so deep. you have-

button presser
air comboer
ground and air super comboer
combo masher
precise player
good tactic user and good execution
superior tactics and great execution
godlike tactics, execution, defense, and patience
justin wong(sorry but there can only be one highlander!!!)

where you at??


I disagree :wonder:, i actually think cable sent commando is easier to pick up IMO :woot:


Both teams are semi easy to pick up, although obviously hard to play at a high level. Marvel will be around forever, the game is utter crack and is infinitely deep despite the god tier.


:u: it is crack :looney:

I just think that Thrax is a bit harder because u gotta know how control storm effectively…if u switch storm for cable it becomes a different team, even a scrubby cable can win with team… my suggestion is to learn MSP, and learn storm a little then go to thrax :smile:


in my area in augusta.the arcade in our mall.the main game people play is marvel.that game will never just depends on how you look at it.I believe tech romancer menitoned this earlier in one of the marvel threads.The game is not met to be played fairly.I decided to get back into the game because nowadays with the arcade scene dead in most places in the us.Playing marvel makes up for it.I decided just to play this game for fun.


The info leaked was an indication of the game being released for Xbox Live Arcade + PS Network, not as an “original” - the primary difference here would be that it would almost certainly have online play (edit: as an Arcade title it would also hopefully be a bit more faithful of an arcade translation than the console versions). There was also a leak in the code for the SSFIITHDR beta for the 360 that had achievement information pointing towards Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

We can only hope, right?


Much like most people on this thread have already said if you like the game then keep playing it. There will always be a large group of people who will and if it really is going to ps3 and Xbox 360 that’s just a bonus. Also I think Cable sent capcom is a good team to start with that move to storm sent capcom hope this helps peace.