MvC2: Low tier BEASTING compilation video

I’ve been stockpiling low tier madness for a while and i feel like the notebook is full enough…

anyone with a program pad interested in making a low tier video using some of my combo transcripts/ setups? I’m a tron whore so 95% of what i’d like to use is based on what she adds to low tiers that can rtsd.

what i tried to do conceptually with each of these setups/combos is make them max dmg(point and assist punish combos) or at least quick safe resets.

I’d like for any low tier beasts to contribute(any low tier char/assist set-ups)

mikez,zaza,higher-jin,[MB2K]Mizter Ed!!,vegita-x,vdo,preppy,ranma,justin k,magnetro …beastly low tier dedication would make for a dope video. I was inspired by all those beasts so i hope some good players wanna drop knowledge.

mainly i’d like to help out with char+ tron

>: ]

marrow (perfect stun patterns and funky combos, stupid assist punish with the right helpers+solid dhc)

charlie (his avg dmg output for all combos w tron is 80% and always positions your opponent in the corner. beastly dmg output from throw in corner 85% 1 bar. He has good air to ground cancels using his bannana kick.

cammy (instantoverhead set-ups, corner combos, hooligan throws into max life dmg)

anakaris(x copy all of gabes shit and anyone can look crazy, i got a couple of rushdown set-ups that imo can mind fuck someone with up to triple yomie, all blockstun)

ruby ( transvestite pirate, in honor of brian g, this bitch is just broken, unblockable attack strings w certain helpers, she has unstoppable headbutt super of doom. can anyone tell me whats wrong with a good counter guard cancel XX crazy headbutt superXXheadcrush?

morrigan( imo she has better set-ups during rushdown than magnus, too many variables, more like storm than magneto when comparing airdash arc, main thing i can add is alot of instant overhead set-ups and rushdown patterns.

Average option tree for a solid blockstun pin with morrigan+tron is 2 hi-lo setups

picking between the following basics you can average 2 solid set-ups and using some of these in sequence you can get triple set-up.

after tron pin in corner, choose from 8 air dash rushdown variables…

hi-lo,whiff hi-lo, 1 2 or 3 hit overhead-low, jump airdash df whiff fp twice-low or go hi after,cancelling her air attacks into her beebutt move and lastly using her jump lp as instant overhead cancelled with d.fkXXfireball)

jug(funny unblockable rushdown set-ups using his helpers and some ways teams can deal 100% with throw into assist and follow up with superXX dhc into da butt)

silv sam(too much dmg w tron considering he has instant overhead+tron dump lightning for 90% ) (on helper he can, mash for too long, then rejuggle the helper with lp,fpXXwhatever)…1 bar average 95%+

spidey(courtesy of robbing shoultzula blind)

venom(this guy has broken hitstun properties)

jin(he’s a bum imo, but his instant overhead followed with 100% bloodia dhc needs to be seen)

marrow(perfect stun patterns and re-lockdown using boomerangs, assist punish setups using dhcs boomsuper (90%+ : )

gambit (stupid re-rush patterns and ninja crossups, gdlk dmg output, really good assist punish using tron+specials no super needed)

tron (everyone seems to have given up on tron improving but imo she has some really good rushdown set-ups + zoning

if she has the right helpers-> marrow-a, son son, mummy coffin drop and a few others i think are dope

psylocke(mini magneto if you get a blockstun, instant overheads into beastly combos->resets)

I saw dj b13 psy vid and it’s one of his best ever imo…just missing that tron cheeze :]

hulk (characters with low jump arcs, instant overheads and retarded dmg output are dope, look out for hulk airthrow into tron helper mid-rushdown X.x)

Just some ideas and shit i want to put out there

I want this video to be about teaching people option trees for breaking somones defense with the garbage characters, anyone that wants to showcase some beastly options, please do.

My ideal version of this video would have added text to help explain any complex set-ups or tricks. I need to get a program pad and learn to make vids:sweat:

Interesting stuff!

No love for Sakura? Sakura’s kick throw into Tron assist is too good and (evil sakura), lp, lp, fpxtron assist, hadoukenxxhadouken super or .fk, lp, lp, fpxtron assist, shoryukenxxhurricane kick super does sick damage. Basically the same deal with Morrigan.

Hope to see this happen!

interesting stuff all here mixup.

Thinking about this as well…hHhmMM love all the ideas :lovin:

i might be able to put some stuff in. i think magnetro has a video of me vs him with highlights and a couple low tier in there.

collosus, megaman, iceman, jill…

I do low tier too :frowning: