MvC2 low tier league (PSN) 11th tourney! Farewell MvC2 nd Welcome MvC3! (LAst 1?)


This Could Be your last change to play in this tourney! Let’s every1 sign up and have FUN!!




the league will be based on the XBL one

because it is a low tier league some character are Banned!

War Machine
Iron Man
Black Heart

Banned Assists
Tron (Projectile)

[]Matches are best of 5.
]You?ll have 2 days to get your match done
[]If the players fail to get their matches done in the deadline date, the player who was more active on the thread will be declare the winner (that means that you have to LET ME KNOW that you tried to contact your oponent but he didnt reply).[]If you pick any of the characters banned you?ll be DQ.
[]Results are posted here or by PM.
]YES, you are allowed to change team in the same match.
Now the format is a Double Elimination Tournament
with 2 weeks to get ALL the matches done and announce a winner


If you want your match recorded please contact


remember: ONLY winners and losers finals and grand finals
(why?: it’s his bothers ps3)

And if you Have matches recorded, ad want to share them you can do it at Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Tv Network - - Community
"Upload unlimited media and meet new mvc2 players at->"

5th tourney players

5th tourney players





i thought we were just going to follow the XBL format of bannings? If there’s a vote, it should be with the XBL and PSN league combined, no?

ok if u guys want to stick with the XBL format, it will be that way

yea let just keep it the way it is and possible start even sooner the only thing i didn’t agree with is keeping the same team , as long as its within the allowed characters changing them between sets should be allowed. lets just get this thing a crakin:lol:

I think the XBL format should be kept, for now at the very least. For one thing, it makes for less confusion if players want to cross platforms - or compete in both.

Besides that, might as well build on the efforts, work and thought that has already gone into XBL rather than re-invent the wheel.

Now if a decision gets made regarding XBL that the PSN people decide they just can’t get with down the road and it causes a schism… then so be it I guess. But for now I think the rules should be universal.

This is coming from someone who doesn’t totally agree with the XBL list, by the way.

ahh i see you moved it closer thanks

yea i dont totally agree with it but who does its as good as its going to get

it’s easier…and many don’t agree with all of it (I don’t agree with all of it…or think things should go one way or another)

but it really is the best that we can get me thinks…

i have a problem dragging out tournaments over weeks etc. Theres no reason a tournament cant be conducted all the way through in a single night.


PSN: SpekkioXLV

Man capcommunist your hulk team soo strong dunno how you’d not consider it low tier lol

Just because it’s a low tier team doesn’t mean it can’t rape :lol:

Rules will be kept the same.
so like some of you guys said, we can make a “fusion” with the XBL in a near future and come up with something good

I think for the moment ppl want the same way as the XBL one, the time frame allows players to play their matches when they have time but i wouldnt mind running one in the same day. its up to the players, I’m here just to donate my free time and organize something for all of us.

lol, that’s true that team even beats top tiers!

yeah even though it could be done in a day the way it is now I feel allows for a much greater level of participation since there is a much larger time frame for working around our own daily schedules

thanks for getting this started r0kzztar :tup:

It actually makes for less participation because people drag ass and tournaments end up dragging on forever so people who are eliminated early just sit on their ass and lose interest. If you do it all in one night then you can keep having regular tournaments more often and easily DQ people who dont show.

I would say keep XBL format. it’s hard to schedule times where everyone can participate. and it’s just a casual league anyway.

and so far, people have not really lost interest.

<---------- psn tag

sodasic not m.bryant

PSN = Raw_Ned

i’d like to be in.

sign me up so I can unleash my sabertooth.

PSN - Tio_Cruzito.

I’m in I guess…