MvC2 low tier league (PSN) 11th tourney! Farewell MvC2 nd Welcome MvC3! (LAst 1?)

so yeah…when is this gonna start? :slight_smile:

very soon :wgrin:

wow, just got back from NECX, it was awesome!

also i saw some rules in there that i would like to bring in to see what you guys think about it.
in the low tier tourney held at NECX there is a list with characters in “RATIO 2” meaning that you can’t pick two character in the same team from that list

IDK what you guys think about it, if you like the idea we can use this rule, maybe put our own characters on the list or something . I’m just bringing the idea in to see if you uys like it.

ALSO, I’m guessing that


are gettin IN the league? I am asking because you never made that clear in your posts.

well if you do that, there goes my whole team, lmao.

yes I’m in and no…ratio system has been tried and it is NOT good. xbl ban list is much better. no point for ratios like that. it all comes down to opinion too

yeah no need to make shit complicated - it’s pretty cut and dry when you say no top and god tiers plus no tron projectile assist.

also I’m for the one night thing. Leagues drag out a little too much and I am a busy busy man. By busy I mean getting a lot of currency and a lot of vagina.

everyone’s busy. but we all deal with it and this is the best way to make sure no one gets screwed out of not getting to play a night/not getting to play certain peeps


making time for a quick 3/5 with your op when your schedules work is easier than having everyone do the tourney in 1 day I think…

:tup: added to the list …

and well in my case i think its a pretty good idea of the ratio 2…

i mean just think about it… how strong is a team like cammy/psy/comando someone can be raping with that team … and both psy and comando are used on top tiers teams

but like you said "it all comes down to opinion "

yeah. I don’t even think that team’s that strong anyway (I dislike commando though :P)

but we shouldn’t let it be up to opinion. if we don’t use ratios, no opinions will be involved pretty much.

i’m in…psn tag is g1park82

ratio 2 thing seems more fair…i just dont understand how colossus isnt on the ratio 2 list

there’s so many things that the characters on that list can do against the other low tier, that it will become like the top tier play where u’ll only see those character teams to win the tourny…then it’ll become a mid tier tourny instead of low tier tourny

and roll needs to be ratio 0 character…that way you can have 2 of the ratio 2 characters on the same team…but u gotta sacrifice a spot and use roll

either way…could someone post up the rules or what not…cuz i have no idea how the xbox version of this tourny is done

Sign me up


I want in on this… PSN: chubroq006

and I agree with Beats on being able to schedule the matches with your opponent. I have finals starting this Friday going to next Wednesday…

I just hope VDO doesn’t join in on this forum! Lolz

Mixup owns the XBL league

but VDO would be the only person I’m afraid of in the PSN one D:

but who knows, maybe someone here will have some good shit to beast with :slight_smile:

Haha. Yeah. Although there was this one player that I had a match with that started Hulk on point. He took me off guard and cleared Blackheart super quick… I think that was Capcommunist…

VDO team is really godd he def would have own NECX if he stayed. his rogue/ken/colosus is a killer!

but u forgetting someone in the PSN really good a a team that does hell a lot of damage. im talking about capcommunist with his hulk/jugrknot/colosus hes really a beast

VDO’s team actually isn’t that good. it has a lot of weak points and isn’t as overpowering as some other low tier teams. VDO is just a godlike player to begin with. He didn’t construct that team to try and make some broke ass shit, he’s just a true low tier genius

yeah, hulk/jugg/coll teams are mad damage yo! My friend plays really well with them. he doesn’t have a lot of gimmicks…but he’s just really solid/smart/defensive. I don’t like playing them online. especially since it’s harder to roll or throw escape. and then juggs gets a lot of free headcrushes becauses of latency. :sad: need to avoid at all costs lol

lol, that’s true we have to avoid that team …

i dnt even knw what team i will be playing damnn …

maybe i’ll copy someones team lol

When is the deadline? Count me in. I’ll go ahead and do it.

Gamertag: Juggrknott

I think the ratio concept is a bad idea. I’d vote against it, for what it’s worth.

I’m in.

just discovered this thread… where do i sign up?