Mvc2 Low Tier Tournament At Evol World!

Marvel vs Capcom 2: Low Tier Tournament ON FRIDAY!!!
$10 entry
double elimination tournament
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games per semi final match
4 out of 7 games grand finals

The teams allowed must follow the 4 ratio system and must have 3 characters on them. If you have a team with 4 ratios or less then it is allowed in the tournament. if your team exceeds 4 ratios then it is not allowed.

Banned Characters:

Ratio 2 Characters (combinable with Ratio 1 only):
Captain Commando
Dr. Doom
Omega Red

Ratio 1 Characters:
Every other character in the game

How about if I pick two ratio two characters and let you kill my third character at the start of the match?

how about justin wong stops trying to hustle everyone at evo?

love you justin

only if i can gb ur next character

lol at psy as ratio 2 =/

this list makes more sense then the NEC low tier list, finally cammy and psy is ratio 2!

lol its cuz justin made these rules and he could care less about them unlike brandon who uses them as his main low tier squad :rofl::rofl:

I would enter this, low tier is tight!

morrigan isn’t ratio 2? her rush down with tron is too broken. Its up there with cammy+tron and psy+tron. Morrigan gets double layer multiple overhead after every FS and when she hits during that, she can set it up again. That shit aint right. Of course, her air dash, frame kill dhc and tick throws into tron to aid her mixup are only more reasons to make her ratio 2.

is this the general rules that NY usually goes by for low tier?

Neither is fucking Blackheart or Doom, but this is more like a pick a top tier character noone really plays anymore + two other characters tournament.

The mummy and sim seem too cheap too.

everyday i’m hustlin


Finally no more cheap ass team ninja

morrigan and anakaris = ratio 2

lol. jwong will prob win this for free

morrigan yeah but anakaris isnt that serious…I dont play him…lol

What time Friday night? Count me in, this sounds fun.

oh great justin can use morrigan/cyke/gambit… yay…

you know a game is pretty broken when something like this takes place

woo wanna see match vids for this.

I don’t use that cammy/psy/tron team as my main low tier anymore. I got some new stuff I cooked up, so I’m good. And JOSH WONG made the RULES for every low tier tournament. NOT ME! EVER!:lol: All I did was post them.

Good stuff, Justin, keeping my low tier tournament tradition alive.

Someone should record the low tier matches this time. It’s pretty interesting.