MvC2: M.Bison Strategies

MvC2: M.Bison Thread

Well what can i say about M.Bison?!?!? “He is one of my favorite characters from the StreetFighter games.” Well if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to post here. Now lets try and start this thread off right. Combos!!!

Ground Combos:

  1. LK, MK, HK (Hits Twice) xx Kneepress Nightmare - 59% Damage

Air Combos:

  1., c.hp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk xx Psycho Crusher - 74% Damage
  2., c.hp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, hk/hp - 51% Damage
  3., c.hp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk xx hk Scissors Kick (Hits Twice) xx Psycho Crusher - 78% Damage
  4. In Corner,, c.hp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk xx hk Scissors Kick (Hits Twice) xx Psycho Crusher, lk, lk xx Psycho Crusher - 85% Damage

Assist Combos:

  1. Bison/Doom(AAA):,, + doom(AAA), lp Psycho Field, jump straight up and pause for a sec, Psycho Crusher - 61% Damage
  2. Bison/Ken(AAA):, + ken(AAA) - 43% Damage
  3. Bison/TBonne(Pro): In Corner, + TBonne(Pro), dash in,, c.hp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk xx hk Scissors Kick xx Psycho Crusher, lk, lk, Psycho Crusher - 108% Damage
  4. Bison/Spiral(Ground): In Corner, lk, lk, hk + spiral(Ground), lp Psycho Field, dash in,, c.hp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk xx hk Scissors Kick xx Psycho Crusher, lk, mk, Psycho Crusher - 68% Damage

2 Lockdowns that can be done with Bison.

  1. Bison/Doom(AAA):, + doom(AAA), teleport(above/behind them), skull drive, land and repeat. Holds big characters more so than others.
  2. Bison/BoneWolverine: Normal Jump Straight Up, lk Scissors Kick + Wolverine(Variety) Opponent can AAA out of it and leave wolverine open, so dont over do it.

If anyone would like to comment on any of these please do so, also post what you well here, only about bison/teams with bison. Ill post some strats 2morrow.

I saw this Mike z video where he used ison and did 3 phsyco crushers and he also did the ball super like 5 times in a connection :eek: :eek: :eek:
Go Bison!

Well ill add some good assist for Bison, really quick.

  1. Doom(AAA): What can i say about him?!? His assist has to be 1 of the best in the game, He can also help you out on your aggressive gameing. He is good for all situations, and gives you alot of freedom. Doom is a most, while using Bison, seeing how you can do the Bison/Doom trap, which is mentioned in my last post.
  2. Sprial(Pro): She is sort of like doom in more ways then 1. Her Projectile assist is good for chipping and locking down opponents in the corner. A good way of doing so is: dash in,, + spiral(Pro) xx Psycho Field, repeat. But beware of AAA when doing this.
  3. Sentinel(Ground): Sentinels(Ground) is just like Spirals, mostly used for ground control. Good trick is that if you call his assist, then throw your opponent into it, if they start to turtle and then do a Psycho Crusher or something.
  4. Cyclops/Ken/Capcom/BH(AAA): Try and have one of these on your team at all times. They give you more freedom to play the air if needed, and even makes flight mode a good idea sometimes. You can teleport above them canel into flight mode and call out a AAA. If the AAA comes out behind them, try and go into a Psycho Crusher. Try not to abuse these strat, as these AAA are for defense only.
    4)TBonne(Pro): Her projectile assist comes in handy. It even makes rushdown with bison pretty safe. A decent rushdown tactice is:, + TBonne(Pro),, sj xx lk Scissors Kick. This is a pretty good tactic for keeping on the presure. Good in corners.

word. the ball super combo did like 100% on ruby heart.

Cooler combo with Doom Anti-air

bla…bla…bla…cr HK+Doom…cancel cr HK into qcb lp, then do Bison’s ball super…

This way all/most of doom’s rocks hit the opoonent…

Ya ive seen those videos, the Psycho Field he done that in the corner, and the 3 Psycho Crushers is a lil hard to do, but i think he also got that done in the corner. But anyways on to the startegys.
1)Pixies: These guys are not that much threat to Bison. Pixie characters can be annoying and pest, but always “remain calm”. Reason for this is that if you lose your calm, then you tend to slip up and make a mistake, then you well be punished. Head Stomp is pretty useful against characters that like to jump in alot, using this in conjunction with flight mode and teleports is also very helpful. Bison is stronger then almost all the pixies, and they take good amounts of damage. One good air combo sould leave them hurt very badly.

2)Beamers: Teleport will definitely come in handy against characters like these. Most beamers tend to play keepaway and run like pussies, bison can take a good number of them if you remember a few things. 1)teleport 2)Be Very Agile 3)Psycho Field

3)Powerful Characters: Besides from Sentinel, these guys have to be close to do damage. You must be very careful, but dont run like a pussy. Dont throw out random supers, bewar of assist that might set up you for deadly combos, and be careful when using your assist. Againts Sentinel, Sentinel players like to chip you alot, with HSF xx Beam xx RocketPunch xx HSF ect. So really just play Sentinel like you would a “Beam Character”. And dont use teleport to much, seeing how he can hit you with a rocketpunch then HSF ect. If he goes into flight mode just Head Stomp, try and lock him down with Psycho Fields.

Ill post more indepth strats later on today, if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask. Im trying to have this thread big, and not die in 2 days. :stuck_out_tongue:

so what would u do against a runaway storm or a strider doom team? im just curious

Well against a Strider/Doom team i would use Bison/Sentinel/Doom, Id do the Bison/Doom trap (hoping i can pull it off before he does his trap), and if he has a run away strom, you well have to use BlackHeart(AAA) or CapCom(AAA), if you dont have either of them it well be very hard to keep storm from running away all match. If you wait for her to land try and get here in the Bison/Doom trap as much as you can. But it might just be me, but im pretty good with the Bison/Doom trap, and can pretty much trap almost any character, but once you learn them you can do it as well.

Ill go more in-depth later on tonight, about to watch a movie. “Most Wanted” with one of the waynes brothers.

Heh, I use Bison/Doom/Cykes. and its quiet a solid team.

Heres A little idea I thought up and I call it the mind game-trap. this trap is with Doom and it goes like this:

dash, c.lp +Doom assist, c.lkXX Pyscho Field

If it connects:

dash, x2, XX Knee Press XX Psycho Crusher.

his combo DOES work because dooms rocks keep the oppenent from touching the ground

If it doesnt connect dash away and send an HP. psycho field. They go defensive then continue with the mind game trap. If they come at you hard then call Cykes assist and send them back into it with a j.HK.

Again this is something I thought up and I’ve only tried it once against my brothers Dhalsim/Cable/Sent team. Even though I messed up a couple of times and gave my bro hell for a bit, but he picked up on it and smashed my ass. :slight_smile:

Heh, sounds pretty solid until your opponent learns it. :lol: But thats good that you posted that here, I thank you. If anyone has any questions/suggestions please post here, Im trying to get this thread to live and not die out like alot of the others, so please post here. Thanks

Hey everyone my “Bro - M.O.D” is on vacation for a while, so i well be taken care of the questions anyone has for “Bison”. Now ask away… :slight_smile:

Um let see, his normal launcher as in anti air, should own everyboddy in the air.

The trap I mentioned earlier works with CapCom’s AAA too, exxept that you have to draw a block out of them to send them back into the Psycho Field. If you dont draw a block and it lands, its a wake up call on the opponent and you can go on the offensive.

My current team has change to Bison/Doom/CapCom just so you know…

My boy use’s Bison/CapCom/Cammy, he gets you into the corner with Bison/Cammy, and traps you with something like, “s.lp, lk, lp + cammy, Psycho Field, and then uses a jump in and does it all over”. But my current team is also “Bison/Doom/CapCom”. I love the Bison/Doom trap, and i also CapCom is a pretty good AAA. Another team i am practicing with is “Bison/Doom/BlackHeart” cause you got the Bison/Doom trap and Bison/BH trap.

I know this does not matter to some of you, but these are my current teams i play with.

  1. Strider/Doom/CapCom
  2. Strider/Doom/IceMan
  3. Bison/Doom/CapCom
  4. Bison/SilverSamurai/Cyclops

If you would like in-depth strats with these teams please post here and ill get back to you asap. Thanks

I’m starting to notice a trend. Most Bison players are also strider or spiral players. And they all love traps…:smiley:

HEH I dont normally play “Strider/Doom” that much. I only play that team to put my friend in training. We watch to much DBZ Movies, so im kind of like “Goku” and he is like “Gohan” HEH :lol: Got to teach him everything i know.

HEH, But i do like Traps… :lol: I Normally play Bison/Ken/Doom, that has to be one of my new teams i play with Bison. And i very rarely use the Bison/Doom trap. RARELY HEH!!! (More like ALL the time" :lol: :evil: :lol:

MvC2: The Power Of Bison!!!

Sup All!!! This thread is for bison and bison only, if you want to post a team/suggestions for bison ONLY!!! Now lets get down to business shall we.

  1. Air/Ground Combos:
  2. Jump in hk, \ /, lk, hk xx Knee Press Nightmare
  3. Jump in hk, \ /, lk, c.hp, / \ sj.lp, lk, lp, lk xx hk Double Knee Press xx Psycho Crusher
  4., c.hp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk xx Psycho Crusher
  5., c.hp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, hp or hk
  6. In Corner,, c.hp, sj.lp, lk, lp xx hk Scissors Kick xx Psycho Crusher, lk, lk xx Psycho Crusher

More to come, thats about all the combos i do with bison, if you have some that i havent mentioned please feel free to post them here. Now on to the strats.

  1. Character Strats:

  2. Pixies - Bison souldnt really have any problem with pixies. All tough pixies are annoying, just remain calm that is going to be very hard seeing how pixies are on your ass 24/7. Head Stomp is a pretty good move to keep them from jumping in on you. Use your assist to keep them from constantly rushing you down. While calling your assist try and use “Psycho Fields” to try and protect them and you as much as possible. Bison is alot stronger then almost all the pixies, so take advantage of that.

  3. Beamers - These guys might give bison a problem, id just use teleport as much as i can when they try and beam me. Bison can pretty much handle beamers farely well if you remember one thing, “Teleport”. If you can do this on instinct, will definitely help you out, cause a missed projectile well set them up for a air combo/ground combo which they well think twice on shooting out beams without a assist to cover them. Make sure you never stay still seeing how they can lock you down and you dont want that, so super jump alot with a mixture of teleporting.

  4. Powerful Characters - Besides from Sentinel, these guys have to be close to you to do anything. You must play carefully when up close, but dont run like a bitch cause they are like 10 times your size, cause size doesnt matter. Just remember one thing “The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall”. Watch out when using your assist, cause they well get punished, and watch what you do against opponents assist cause they may be setting you up for a very very damaging combo. Bison is faster, and has the ability to chip, so hopefully you can make this match up short and sweet. Now against sentinel everything is totally different, most sentinel players like to kill most people by chippage. I think the best way to play against sentinel is thinking him as a “beam character” just be very carefully on using the teleport. The only way i can fight against sentinel is if i have a good “chip damage character”, Doom is the only real good “chip damage character” that comes to mind. :evil: As soon as you can lock him down and dont let up, If you are fighting a sentinel that likes to fly, then let him do that all he wants. Got something to say for that shit “HEAD STOMP THAT SHIT!”.