Mvc2 Mag_X vs Carnevil Matches! San Antonio

Hey guy’s! Here are some recent vid’s to watch of me and Carnevil and a little of Anjita’s matches of Mvc2!

We will update every once in a while with more of them. Watch and enjoy!:wgrin:

Learn to put the vids on youtube a lot more people will see them/care.

I personly love this shit, after watching both of you play @ evo south. YouTube them!

It’s a lot of cutting and editing for that, but I will ask Brad if he can do it for ya. Personally I wouldn’t mind doing that but it’s not my call. There’s a lot of footage so we will see, hope you still download though!:wgrin:

good shit chriz! havnt seen u play in months thanks for this good shit to brad too

you’re still my hero chris! nachos for mvc lesson? :rofl:

Man, that Anjita guy is lame :wink:

Hey did you come to tournament at the gamers edge a while back?

Yeah I was there. I was one of the guys playing Marvel along with Magneto-X and Carnevil.

Hey guys, there’s some new matches posted! You can grab them here:

Enjoy! :lovin:

youtube or preppys site…

I can understand why YouTube, but how is this all that different than Preppy’s site?

dont even worry about it brad people are just lazy fucks keep it where it is

Yeah, keep it on a site in the middle of the southwest forum, I’m sure tons of people will see them.

I’m just saying, youtube and preppys site are well known places to get them, thats all. I’m not trying to be a dick, in fact I want as many people to see this shit as possible!

Anyway, good news! It looks like Preppy plans to host the footage sometime soon! :lovin: Rejoice!

this is late but i’d always prefer Preppy’s site over youtube. The quality is just really bad on there and having to open up a webpage everytime you want to see some vids is lame.

Well just to reiterate, Preppy IS hosting them now! So… rejoice! :lovin:

wow…my eyes are hurting me now T_T curses for me not understanding this game!

you need to stfu…dick…download the vid and edit them ure selve and put them on you tube instead of winin like alil bitch! stop telling ppl what to do! this is good enough for pp that want to see them…and on that note…FUCK YOU TUBE

oh by the way dope ass vids

Why not host it here?Just a suggestion.

that’s where KSK hosts his stuff. Super quality, downloadable, unlimited size cap.