MvC2: Magneto vs. Cable?

Okay, I’m having trouble with Cable’s who jump back fierce + Sent, then viperbeam or grenade.

I wavedash to get underneath him, but I always end up running into Sentinel and all my attacks hit him, meanwhile Cable gets away or viperbeams me. If I try to go over the top of him, again, I just end up hitting Sentinel, and Cable gets away.

Sometimes I get lucky and land a HK throw in the corner and c. lk, c. hk, snap in his assist, or land a punch throw at sj. height and DHC into a HSF or Proton Cannon, but for the most part I’m having a load of trouble with this duo.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks


sorry… had to be the first one to say it:)

Press their start button THEN rush that shit down


Shallow Tri-jump.

High Tri-jump.

Cable is combo practice!


Cable is the EASIEST match for magneto.

Cable has to keep away all day, Magneto is too fast, and can get in too easily to rape Cable. All you need with Magneto is to connect 1 .lk into combo into reset into infinite and boom Cable is dead…

I make Cable combo exhibitions everytime i Play Cables.

When he j.fps just sj before he even jumps… then wait, if he calls out proj assist or anti air… Depending on that will tell you when to air dash…

Wave dash under j.fp grenade and u can launch into free combo… if he does jab vipber beam then u can block then super jump and air dash. Magneto has many many ways to get inside…

Against Cable/Sentinel u can super jump, dash and come down blocking… the drones will hit or miss, and cable will probably jump back… or super jump This is your time for an air throw or wait till he gets on the ground, and triangle kick to the OTHER side…

If you see drones on the screen, its safe to to keep Cable in blockstun, then block or the drones will hit you… Cable will most likley jump back, super jump back or do grenade… If he jumps back and does gun xx grenade -> FREE Combo cuz he can’t block if its a normal jump… You can dash in with since it has pretty good reach and u can hit him before he hits the ground after the grenade…

If he does super jump, most likley he’s going to gun xx grenade or just grenade… you can super jump and fk throw into the corner into infinite or whatever combo you want…

Just think, if you were playing Cable/Sentinel you’d want to stay as far away from magneto as possible wouldn’t you? And if Magneto started pressuring you with triangle kicks, you’d call assist and jump back or block down… and thats Magnetos opening to rape cable… Only need a few combos, and throw in random fps and fks that you will hit from sj’ing and air dashing…

Keep in mind I didn’t even know what AAAs you use, so I just said how to beat Cable/Sent with just Mag… Life would be MADDDDDDDDDDD easier with an anti air, or some drones of your own…

It’s harder if he has doom because the rocks eat up Magneto’s ground game. But some smart air dashing and wave dashing (I wave dash and push doom) then rush down cable, since doom’s aaa isn’t instant and if he just jams on the assist button when im rushing down, i get both cable and doom in the same combo… snap out and assist infinite.

Just remember to play patient cuz AHVBs hurt like a bitch even if Cable gets raped by Magnus…

Hope this helps.


Thanks for that SpiderSting, I never thought about a lot of that stuff before. The assists I usually use against Cable are Psy, Sent ground, and IM AAA, every now and then I use Cyke.

But that was really good advice, I’m going to try some of that out. It sounds like it would be very effective.

Cable’s not really an easy match for magneto, esp with sent drones. your advice was good though SS. My main question for u is, what assist does cable have other than sentinel?

Seriously, a good cable/sent is anything but easy to beat, even with magneto/aaa.

Yeah i agree with mixup on this one. Cable/sent/aaa is not a win-for-free match for mags. Cable/sent can just about match up with anybody

i’m gonna start winning with my Cable/Anakaris and everyone is gonna start picking Anak and pick up on the tomb runaway tactic, LOL!

Really u have to bait out tha drones and call some of your own…dats wut i do.Wen u call tha drones superjump N try n get in by airdashing n shit…u kno tha drill. Wen u do land a combo try go for resets into tha infinite to kill cable of cuz that bitch is very annoying and will come baq 2 bite u in tha ass:mad: This fight is easier if u have sent drones or a go0d anti air like cammy or capcom. Basically take some on Spidersting’s advice n u’ll be beatin down cable in no time. Shit i still have a lil trouble beatin down cable’s see as i’m only an average player…:frowning:
Dont get me wrong cable/sent is madd hard 2 beat with magnuz and this match is anything but win free all u really need is that one advantage to take out cable’s entire lifebar…

how about cable/cycke thats a real big problem to me.

for cable/sent, just use Mag/Doom, the rocks should absorb the drones, or pin down cable… and proceed to


You should use mag and commando cuz once they do that cheap routine you just wave dash on to sentenal hold down a push hk with the commando asisst which will trip sentenal and either hit cable or put you right under him a then you super-jump grab him then… Rush him down.:evil:
Sorry or rush her down.:sweat: :evil:


I don’t get the deal of people saying Mag owns Cable, if anything Cable owns Mag. Mag has a very fast dash, correct, but it’s NOT faster than an AHVB, no matter what anyone says. Specially with Sent/Cable/AAA, Mag is gonna have fun eating alot of damage real quick. An AAA will come in and stop whatever mag wants to do, long enough for several things, 1) AHVB, 2) a quick S. heavyx4 viper beam and then chuck another sent assist. If played correctly, Cable works most other characters, and the same goes for mag( owning lots of other chars)

I don’t think Cable owns Mag or Mag owns Cable. I’ll say Mag does have an advantage because he can kill Cable with no meter at all, and can force Cable to make mistakes. Cable needs meter to kill Mag and can’t really force Mag to make a mistake. However, it’s just easier for Cable to do his damage than it is for Mag because Cable doesn’t have to put his body on the line and take the same risks that Mag does.

If Mag lands a hit, or a throw at SJ height or in the corner, it can lead to a 100% combo on Cable or his AAA getting snapped in and killed off.

Mag or his assist usually ends up eating AHVB’s when he gets too impatient and and anxious and starts taking too many risks to get in and land a combo.

It’s better for Mag to try to cross the screen a little at a time instead of all at once. Sometimes, it’s better for Mag to just let Cable come to him. Such as getting him near a corner, and then when he tries to superjump out, dash back and get underneath him to cross him up, or SJ up and meet him and go for a throw back into the corner and do the fun Magneto stuff :evil:

Wavedashing is a must, that can’t be stressed enough. Mag isn’t going to beat a good Cable without knowing how to wavedash.

It’s all a lot easier said than done, especially when Cable has an assist like Capcom, Cyclops, Sentinel, or Doom.

realy b/c all you have to do is cable cyclops and run ALL DAY with out regret and that takes out mag

or am i mistaken and your mag is diffrent?

and for the cable needing a meter all i do is put storm up first and there is 5 supers easy but then again mag does have one of the best defences against runners

My Mag is better now. I have a much easier time with Cable than I was before. Cable/Doom is still a bitch, but it’s getting easier.

My main problem now is fly back Sentinel, and to a lesser extent, runaway Storm.

I’d actually rather fight Cable than a fly back Sentinel.